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Boyfriend Cheating? Talk to him

by Rick Norris
(Chicago, il)

If your boyfriend is cheating, the best thing is to just confront him and talk to him and ask why. People cheat for all sorts of reasons. If this is a relationship you want to move forward with, then the only way to do that is through honest communication.

Once you find the evidence he’s cheating talk to him, be straight and ask what he wants to do. If he denies it, then tell him what you know, it’s probably best to let him come clean if he doesn’t and insist on still denying cheating you have to wonder, is he worth it

Of course if you are looking for proof so you can throw it in his face that you found out and break up with him, then that in itself may be why he's stepping out. Don't waste your time, break up with him, and move on.

Now you’ve got the evidence you got him talking,

  • ask why he’s cheating,
  • is he getting emotional support you don’t give?
  • Is it just sex?
  • Does he want you to do something in the bedroom you usually don’t?

You have to ask your self now; can you give him that emotional support? Can, or will, you do those things in the bedroom? If you think you can come to an agreement to work things out, then keep communicating.

Talk about the issues that caused him to stray, and I don’t mean beat it to death, I mean a straight to the point question “ Am I doing X in the way you like? Do we need to talk about anything? Are you happy?” And don’t do this during a game, or when he is getting ready to go someplace.

Do the "talking" when you have his attention, like at meal time, or in the evening when you’re ready for bed. And keep an eye on him and let him know IF it happens again, you are out of there, AND DO IT, MOVE ON!

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