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Birthday Party Theme Based on Classic Movies

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If you are like many people you probably spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the theme will be for your birthday. If you haven't figured out your theme for this year's party then consider a classic movie theme.

You can choose one particular movie or let guests decide which classic they want to play the part in. Have DVDs on hand and movie posters to set the mood. You can even assign characters to each of the guests or make it is a mystery party where everyone has to guess what character each person is playing.

You really are not limited at all when you plan a classic movie party. Here are some theme ideas if you decide to go with one movie or you can use a little from each idea to create a party where you mix up an array of movies and use them all. If you don't like any of these movie or theme ideas then use them to help you come up with your own ideas for your favorite classic movie.

1.) The Godfather

This movie is great for the men. It is a classic that most guys are going to know. They will be reciting lines all night. Make sure to play up the theme with Italian food and music. Make sure that you play the movie so guests can final figure out those lines they can't quite seem to get right.

2.) Casablanca

The perfect romantic movie for a party. Elegance if the key here. Add some white table cloths, gourmet food and clothing that match the era. Make it a night to remember.

3.) Star Wars

If you are into this movie then your party will be out of this world. You can really get people to wear some great costumes for this theme. The soundtrack for the movie is ideal for party music. You also can incorporate light sabers and other props from the movie to create the perfect atmosphere.

4.) Villains

Choose your favorite bad guys from your favorite movies and make that you theme. Who doesn't love an evil villain? Everyone has a favorite villain that they really enjoy whether it is a villain that scared us or that amazed us with his antics. You also can learn a lot about your guests through their choice of villain.

5.) The Wild West

Cowboys, gun-slingers, cowgirls and showgirls were all a part of the old west. You and your friends can dress up as your favorite person right out of your favorite western movie. This theme is simple with country music. Serve a BBQ dinner with all the fixings.

Classic movies can be a great starting point for a party theme

There are so many ways you can play off this idea. Imagine all the possibilities. Just think of your favorite movies or favorite classic movie stars. You will have fun just planning the party and putting together food. Choose your movie or movies and go with it. Let your imagination run wild.

You probably will need to brush up by watching some classic movies so you can get costume, decoration and food ideas. Also make sure to put together good music. You can usually buy the soundtracks to movies for a cheap price and that works great for background party music. Your classic movie themed party is going to be red carpet worthy and make all your guests feel like stars.

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