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Birthday Gift for an Artistic Best Friend

My best friend loves gardening, and music, apart from liking clothes and jewelry. She also likes visiting temples, and collecting artifacts. Her varied interests make it easier for me to select the right gift for her on her birthday.

She is unique, and therefore, she deserves unique gifts. In the past, I have used a dark brown colored jute material and stitched a few flowers on them using satin presentation ribbons. The center of each flower was filled with genuine pearls, stitched with needle and thread. I use wools of lighter shades of browns and greens around these flowers and buds to show some leaves and stems. But I spoiled the finishing because I couldn’t think of how this should be hung in the room.

On her birthday, I was honest enough with her. She took the thing, and said it was beautiful. I was the one who was elated. A few days later, she went to a bamboo shop, and selected the appropriate size, for length, and asked them to slice these pieces into half. She also picked appropriate size bamboos for the lower end and upper end of the piece. She then used some good quality glue to stick the bamboo pieces along the lengths and the lower end of the cloth. The piece on the top remained hollow, so she used a gold plated chain through that to hang it in her drawing room.

That piece remained there for almost 10 years, and she removed it only when they shifted to a new home. She is truly very artistic.

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