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Birth Day Gifts to a Best Friend.

by Prakash
(Haldwani, Uttrakhand, India.)

Best friends are indeed rare and "most special persons" in our life. A best friend by itself is a gift to any one by virtue. So while selecting birth day present for your best friend you should remember that the gift should be matching with his personality and it should be meaningful, it should say everything without words, the gift should have expressions for your love, and care for your best friend.

Presents are the symbol of love, emotion, and joy. The idea behind gifts is to express ones feelings with happiness and celebrate the moments with great joy among true friends.

So gift him/her something that makes him or her to feel your full love and endless respect for you. The best idea would be to present your friend with something customized, whether it is a drawing on canvas or a self written reason book why you love him so much, or make an album of your and his photographs together.

For my best friends birth day it was 22nd of December, I planned a trip to a hill station which is a lake city where we were to do something unusual. Going by my plan I surprisingly called her on the phone at four 'o' clock, early in the morning and asked her to get ready in forty five minutes.

It was very dark and cold outside so I took her and drove towards my planned destination, there she met with lots of surprises. I took her by boat and at the middle of the lake I gave her a beautiful gold plated ring and than we had breakfast and had fun for the whole day, it was really a memorable day, finally we went on to make a big collage of the photographs we had taken while on the trip, and presented it to her. When she saw it she gave me a tight hug, which felt like a special and memorable gift from her birthday.

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