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Best Gift Idea, a Pet!

by Subhash
(Kochi, Kerala, India)

There are a lot of gift are available in the market. It is very difficult to choose a perfect gift for your best friend.

In my view a best gift for the best friend if he is pet lover, present him / her a pet which he loves. It gives them so much pleasant surprise that they might never have thought for. On any occasion you may not find such a gift.

Normally people present expensive gift to impress their friends, but this simple gift will bring more joy for them. As the pet grows the bound between pet and friend gets stronger. Each time when your friend sees the pet, they remember you. If the pet is a Dog, then it will be lovable to all of his family members. As we know that Dogs are good friend and very faithful.

Whenever friend feels lonely he can play with the pet, can take the pet for walk etc. Pet can be anything like birds, Cats, Rabbits etc. All pets have their uniqueness; I think it will be delightful moment for friends have such a wonderful birthday gift.

Birds like "parrot" for instance is an ideal gift for bird lover or bird watcher, We know that parrot can speak something. It will be a great pleasure to teach parrot to speak some word. And when this happen, the great news will be first given to you by your friend and whenever the parrot speaks anything, you will be remembered by your friend and ultimately your friendship will grow more closer and respectable.

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