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 List of 9 of the Best genealogy websites to visit

Today we are going to look at some of the best genealogy websites on the internet. It's a list of some of the best genealogy websites that you might want to peruse when you begin searching your personal family tree:

 Best genealogy websites - Researching genealogy Made Easy


Perhaps one of the biggest groups of people who perform family searches is the Latter-Day Saints. They see genealogical work as a part of human salvation. Their belief is based upon their missionary work, they want to improve themselves and they want to redeem those who have passed on. The last reason is where genealogy comes into play.

As a result of their belief, was created. They all have the right to say that they have the biggest collection of free family tree records and family history in existence in the world.

This site provides resources for African American genealogy that lists family history websites that are the closest to the researcher's community, along with maps and the basics. Just like other free sites, they have free downloads of software, which is called Personal Ancestral File software or PAF.

The following list of genealogy research sites is also available at no charge for tracing your family history:

Genealogical work was once a very cumbersome job to do.

However, the proliferation of numerous genealogy research sites have changed and made the job more easier and fun.

These days, if you want to know about your family's history, then all you have to do is a little quick and easy online research.

There are numerous websites that provide free genealogy.

2.) Access Genealogy

This website separates documents from Bibles, cemeteries, biographies, census and also African American records.


This website has the well-known Ancestry archive Search, MyTreesPlus, vital records and genealogical documents from the United States, New Zealand and Canada. It also provides a SSDI.


This site is not the same as the other sites because it concentrates on broad genealogy. You can find your family history with generic search and learn your ethnicity.


This site says that it is the oldest free website available about genealogy. It has free resources, databases for census records, research on civil war, slave stories, history of the great migration and the biographical index for US genealogy.


This website has suggestions for getting your search done. It also has leads to races such as African American, Native American and Hispanic. You can also publish your sites about genealogy.


This website concentrates on plenty of areas such as DNA analysis, family trees and locating your family history via surname search. Here you will locate the DNA Ancestry Project.

This site was created for the UK and Ireland. It has UK records in addition to the census records from 1841 thru 1901. There are also professional genealogists who can help others during their search.

This is a site that has will archives, biographies, the bible and funeral records. All of these documents have the last name on them.

 Best genealogy websites to Visit - Make Things Simple

Best genealogy websites

These are just a few of the best genealogy websites that are well known free online researching genealogy resources. It is a good thing to know who you really are. It should be a responsibility we all take seriously and not just something you can opt to do.

You know, they do say that the roots of a person do describe where that person has been and where he is going to. How about you, do you agree? Some people are comfortable and willing to let the past continue to stay in the past and some prefer to dig and know the truth about their past. I will end by leaving you with a simple question, are you willing to do a little research and set the path for your future?

Best genealogy websites and How They Make Things Simple!

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