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Gifts are associated with nostalgia
by: Anonymous

Gifts, well, anything that I give my friend wouldn?t be a fitting reciprocation, for all that I have received from him. Whenever I see him, I rush to give a very warm comforting hug and I am sure he values it the most. Anything else that I give him would only be a material thing. But then, the value of giving material gifts also can never be undermined, because you do need them in your day to day life, more so if you have wanted them badly. After all, gifts are inanimate representation of your undying love for your close buddy.

Gifts are associated with nostalgia, fond memories and are priceless. I have given my friend most informal things like a treat in his favorite restaurant, a movie session, going out on long trekking as well as very formal ones like a well-stitched suit, designer clothes, flowers, leather goodies, trip to a holiday destination for him and his wife, while I took care of their kids back home. Hence, do not think too hard, just give anything to your friend and he or she will surely love it.

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