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Being faithful and truthful are two ways straight

by mimi

Nowadays it is very hard to find a real deal person who is faithful and truthful to a relationship. Especially when that person you meet in the Cyber-world no one can really tell.

There are lots of fake person out there. But for me in my own point of views being a woman I think not all women are unfaithful and untruthful. It always depend to a person or individual. We cannot generalized everyone and judge them by what the majority do.

I think women in comparison to men, women are more faithful and truthful it is because women are bound to their true emotions. And women can live in a single monotonous relationship in which men in nature are polygamous. As long as women feels that certain love and acceptance that she's been looking for she is contented and satisfied.

Women needs to be love and be accepted of who and what they are. But not all women also are like this, it is always case to case basis. We also have to consider the experience,past relationship of a person,emotional aspects as to why a certain person behaved like this. If we know all these things or factors we can determined the root cause of a certain individuals behavior.

All I can conclude is that women and men are equal in the eyes of God. They are all innocent,faithful and truthful until sin enter into this world. And it makes a big difference in the human world.

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