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Bee Alert

by Nancy
(seminole, florida)

So me and my Friend are Driving from Dallas Tx to Quebec City Canada...We had decided to take turns driving and at this moment it was her turn to drive.

My friend having never been out of the state of Texas was thrilled to be driving through state after state on this road trip of excited that while driving through Tennessee (I was asleep)she wakes me up in a panic, telling me to hurry up and roll up my window...

she looked frantic so I rolled up my window.

I asked her what was up and she replied with "we just passed a sign that said Bee Alert"...and she was concerned about the bees. I just sat up and started laughing and made her pull over at the next sign so she could see that it was a mascot for seat belt safety and "Bee Alert" was the tag-line.

She was so embarrassed but it has provided years of laughs as we both retell the story of the killer bees in Tennessee.

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