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Going Back to the Basics
(Reason Number 10.)

While you may know a lot of different people in your lifetime, there are only a few of these that you keep in touch with no matter where are, even if that happens only a few times each year. Even closer to where you live, there are only going to be a few people that you care about, think about, and would really miss if something happened to them.

A long term friendship is not unlike a relationship that you have with a spouse or partner. In order to keep a good friend, there are some basic things that have to be in place, all other considerations stem from these.

1.) Good communication skill

On top of the list is the ability to master good communication skill. Being not able to effectively communicate with your friend is not good for a relationship. How will they know your feelings and opinions? If something is wrong, or you have a problem with them, how are they going to know and try to resolve it with you?

2.) Love and honest

Honesty and love is another basic principle about friendships. You have to be honest with your friends, because if you aren't, they soon will learn that they can't confide in you when they need to. You also have to think about how to be honest; you don't want to hurt the people you care about.

3.) The trust aspect

Trust is the third basic principle with long term friendships. You have to be able to trust your friends that they aren't going to try to steal from you, whether it's your stereo or your girl/boyfriend. You also have to trust your friend not to tell everyone things about you that may have a negative impact, or be embarrassing, especially in social situations.

Of course, these aren't all the things you need to do to keep a long term friendship. You have to be supportive of them, actively listening when they have something to say, not cut them down or berate them, and a whole slew of others.

Your friendship with someone has to be unconditional, and not because they are giving your something. You in turn have to do things for them, whether it is having them over once in a while for dinner and a movie, splitting the restaurant bill or covering the tip, things like that.

Back to the Basics Things in Life

Back to the Basics

What makes a good friend?

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