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 11 Remarkable Tips on How to Achieve Authentic Happiness

Have you ever considered the simple fact that, everything we tends to do, has one purpose in life and that is to; make us happier in life!

Well, think about it for a moment...

Despite our concerted effort to achieve authentic happiness and satisfaction in life, in the most part, we often end up distracted and sabotage our own efforts before we have attained our main objective of finding true happiness.

It's true that no one is born without the potential for finding happiness in life. The key to happiness is not dependent upon a stroke of luck in that some of are born with the ability to be happy. We all have the power of choice and the consequences will ultimately determine how much happiness we experience. If we make the right choices in life, happiness is there for the taking for each and everyone of us who care to be truly happy.

11 Tips for Finding Authentic Happiness

1.) Focus on the Positive

Society is positivity challenged! This is the natural result when one understands that society as a whole tends to focus primarily on restrictions and punishments rather than on approval and rewards. Children are raised in an environment that is constantly haranguing them about what not to do instead of what they can do.

Our days are filled more with negativity than positivity but something can be done. We need to focus on the positive side of things and aim for more of the same. With achievement comes the right to praise and congratulate oneself. Seeking things that you know make you feel more positive will bring greater happiness.

Simultaneously we need to restrict the negativity that is constantly bombarding us on TV and even from people around us. You know yourself best so you know what your buttons are. Ensure the positive ones are pressed and not the negative.

Finding Authentic Happiness

2.) Behave Positively

There is a popular saying that states that, nothing is good or bad except how we response to it! If you look for and find the positive you will automatically feel happier and have a greater degree of achieving authentic happiness in your life.

People who are successful despite the odds attained their success because they focused on the positive results that could arise out of a particular situation despite what others may have thought.

3.) Give

There is truth to the saying that it is better to give than to receive. Giving can be very rewarding. You might be surprised to find that the more generous you are the more you feel better.

One good example for instance is involving yourself in a charity.

4.) Be Selfish - in a Good Way

We're taught from young not to be selfish. Women very often sacrifice their own dreams and aspirations for the benefit of others, especially for their husbands or children. Even in the business world this principle holds true since most companies operate in a way that is beneficial for the company but not always for the individual.

Helping others is certainly commendable but setting boundaries to protect ourselves is essential to prevent us being manipulated and used by others. You are just as important as someone else and you need to look out for your own best interests key amongst them achieving "authentic happiness" in this short life.

5.) Hear Your Feelings

Every feeling has a reason for being there, which is primarily to tell you something. That message might be great sometimes and not so great other times. To avoid unpleasant feelings we look for distractions. Instead of trying to distract yourself when you feel bad rather; the best thing to do is to confront the issue and try to determine the cause and how or what you need to do in order to solve that problem or issue for once and for all.

How to Find Authentic Happiness

The Key to Authentic Happiness

6.) Some Things Cannot be Changed

We resist what we don't like and will go to great lengths to avoid it. Although this can be a good thing in certain instances and much advancement throughout history can attest to it, we also need to accept that some things cannot be changed. Instead of wasting energy on trying to change the unchangeable rather focus it on what can.

Of course this is not meant to suggest that you be complacent about everything. If change is what you want then diligently work toward attaining it. By stressing over something that you cannot change will simply be a waste of time and can even be harmful to your health.

7.) Accept Responsibility

Everything that you do or don't do is based upon the choices that you do or don't make. While it may be easy to blame others or some thing else, it's important to remember life is the result of choices we make - even those we allow others to make for us.

People with a tendency to blame everything and everyone else rather than accepting responsibility themselves find that accepting responsibility to be a rather a daunting task in the beginning. However it is actually liberating when you think about it because you realize that you are the cause of all the good stuff.

Finding Authentic Happiness

8.) Focus!

You have the power of mind to do whatever you want. Visualization is a very common tool people use. Focus your mind on whatever you want to happen. Even if you can't see a picture of it in your mind's eye, by making use of a combination of your senses, use your imagination and visualize what you want and how to get it. Remember practice makes it perfect.

9.) Meditation

Do you realize how much time is spent dwelling on the past or contemplating the future? How much of your time do you devote to the present? Most of us find it too difficult to focus on the present because of what is happening around us. Meditation can help you to stay present.

Even if you just focus on your breathing for about 10 minutes you soon begin to notice improvements.

10.) Do Away with Limits

Failure often results from feelings of inadequacy and even the fear of failure itself. Invariably this is a wrong belief results from years of negative programming we underwent growing up. It is a simple fact that most people have the ability to do whatever they want to do. The key really is to believe that's true, that you can do whetever you want. To achieve authentic happiness, why not begin with the little things and then work your way higher to the bigger things. You will be pleasantly surprised when those limits are not very limiting after all.

11.) Make Time to Explore the Meaning of Authentic Happiness

Take the time to think about your position in life, consider your strengths and weaknesses. Try to think of ways to turn weaknesses into strengths. Ask yourself what your feelings are about all sorts of things. Why do you feel the way you do about these things? Understanding yourself better will bring better understanding of the world also.

The above 11 tips we have talked about here are all about the pursuit of happiness. Making them a part of your everyday life can help you to turn your life around and find authentic happiness.

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