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Are Women Unfaithful?

by Okinyi

In most of today’s marriages, men have been asking themselves whether women are faithful. This is one of the questions that disturbs most of the gentlemen who wants to marry. In fact, women are becoming increasing "gold diggers" and they are branded by some as greedy human beings who are after devouring men off their pockets.

How do they become unfaithful?

Before we tackle this hot statement, first we will like to admit that not all women are unfaithful. A handful are faithful and truthful while some are unfaithful. The majority seems to fall in the unfaithful and untruthful side.

Women become increasingly unfaithful to their husbands due to a number of factors. Among the factors are lack of financial support and also her husband not willing to share and enjoy time together? This prompts women to move out of their marriages in search of better partners.

On the other side also, even thought women are provided with all the necessary materials they may admire in life, they still feel that they are not well kept over again. This is the most hurting thing that hurts men a lot. After providing for your partner, they still turns out to be unfaithful.

It is the nature of some women not to feel satisfied with whatever little and how small their husbands may provide to them. There is no guarantee that if you provide a woman with all life necessities whether comfort and basics, they will never be untruthful and unfaithful. They are not satisfied no matter what you may provide to them as your partner.

Life is not as they think. Remember, honesty and openness can never lead to a truthful and faithful marriages or companionship. Women may lip-talk that they are truthful and faithful but they are not.

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