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Are Women Faithful and Truthful?

by irish debolgado pojas

I am a girl of 18 years old, my answer for "are women faithful and truthful?" is NO. Usually women don't give their true or complete details about them while filling up the online profiles because they are worrying about many things that their information may be shared with the personals that they don't want.

For example if the girl is so beautiful lot of proposals will come to her and obviously she can accept only one. So she has to reject others. All the men who have been rejected are not quite pleased. They want to discourage that girl in some way. So if she fills her complete online profile, say her phone number and email too will be displayed in the profile, so she will get lot of unwanted emails, messages and calls. So if women submits her complete profile,she is in problem only.

I am not saying all girls who does this are suffering. I am just sharing my experience with all you people. I even don't like to upload my picture on the profile picture. It's all due to these types wrong persons. In order to avoid these people we are forced not to give complete information. but I didn't say that we give fake details. We don't like to cause problem for others.

All the details I give is truthful, but I don't fill up all the areas in the profile for my safety and security purposes. My advise to all the other girls out there is not to fill up your complete profiles because of some of these things. Even in my social network profiles, I don't have my profile photo. If the request comes I will accept him or her only if I know her. So I think most women are truthful but we don't fill out everything!

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