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Are Men Really Faithful and Truthful

by Sharon
(Beaufort, Sc)

Personally, I do not feel that men are faithful and truthful when it comes on online dating. I agree with the article above that men see it as a competition to get all the women.

I have dabbled with online dating sites in the past and the two men that I actually went as far as meeting them were not at all what I expected.

One, I was pretty sure was married and the second was still married and going through a separation. Of all the men I talked to via email did not pike an interest to me. I felt that most men "were not who their profile said they were."

Maybe my age has something to do with it. I was in my early 40's when I went online to dating sites. I did not like the face to face meeting and found that by way of email, men were bolder in their conversations and made themselves out to be someone they were not. I also agree with the article about men being interesting or having something interesting to say.

I know who I am, a professional, self supporting, not bad to look at, and I wanted to meet someone who was confident enough to be their self. I feel that women agree. They want someone who is real.

Women who enjoy online dating are disappointed at times to meet someone and find out they not only do they not look like the pic they displayed, but after a face to face meeting, things are learned that they had left out. Such as: being unemployed, in the middle of a divorce or worse, still married.

As for me, I like to take everyone at face value but once I have a reason to doubt a person, my guard goes up and stay up.

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