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by Abhishek Sharma

It’s a older thought that "Honesty is the best policy" but now-days its very difficult to find that in both Men and Women. It reflects how society has changed and is becoming more complex and unsafe.

Every man and woman needs to find their perfect match for themselves but its difficult to find that then say lie to many people. One good saying is there that if you find something good in others you should also like that, similarly if you want to find honesty in your partner so you should be honest for them also.

Suppose if you create profile for a perfect match and mentioned height 6” and fair color and look like famous Actor Amitabh Bachan and you are practically just opposite of that! Then you will never find your perfect match.

Every person want a good looking, charming and adjusting man or women whom they can share anything and live a long life just as a life partner but dishonesty just breaks the relationship in a minute. One saying is also there that every pure relationship is just like a thin and small thread it can break anytime. We need to remain as it is with our sweetness, purity and honesty in our relationship.

If we create any doubt in the relationship from any life partner will break this thread and will never join this thread in the whole life. In the end I want to say dishonesty and impurity are the two major enemies that break anyone relationship. So beware of those two enemies.

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