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Active participation and gentleness is the key to make friends

by H.Aruna Sharma

The basic idea of social networking is connecting one another into a groups or communities. They may share a common interest either as games or hobbies. Social networking sites provides platform where you can express your opinion or give feedback.

The rapid increase in the growth of such sites is they give the freedom of individual by providing one to express their opinion, give comment, and upload pictures without any restrictions or limitations. Millions of people use social networking sites from all parts of the world to make friends or play games.

Through social networking sites you can share the new experience and culture from your new friends and learned the geographical structure of various countries. You can share your interest with your new friend through games, quiz etc. But many people refuse to make new friends due to lack of face to face communication in social networking sites. As a result, there is a factor of lack of trust among people. So you have to be aware of the issue that exists in the social networking site.

In order to make a successful net worker you need to socialize by actively participating in any event or discussion board. Make your friends happy by giving a comment to their status. It makes them remind that you still care for them. And also you can comment on their pictures.

If you are close enough to trust your friend then you can start exchanging your phone numbers to make your relationship closer. You can send gifts and share your bonus to your good friends. You can also wish them on their birthdays by giving those surprises. First, the most important thing that should be kept in mind is to win the trust of people.

Gentleness, politeness and helpfulness are the key points to be a successful social net worker. Another thing to be taken into account is that good communication is the key role when it comes to networking. Pay attention to your friends? opinion and feelings and maintain the rapport between your friends.

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