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Don't you forget about me now! joseph nyamache

Well...well, what about Joseph?

Mmm...Where shall I start?

Okay my friends call me little Joe


oh! Hold on,
This is not about what my friends say! Right?

Let me see.

About me: Background Introduction:

I come from nyakemicha my dad comes from nyachogochogo, mmm

My great grand father is from nyamakoroto and his grand father was!

I was born in the; this is proofing to be harder than I thought.

Let me think.

You see, okay this is what is happening to me right now.

There are a thousand things going forth and back through my mind.

And I want to tell it all at the same time...

That is seriously driving me crazy...

You know, trying to think, what to say and how to write it, how to organize and this stupid English! And the bad thing is that all that is happening right inside my head...inside my brain...right now...all at the same time.

Nintaweza kweli (will I handle it?)

Let me try this again.

The most important decision I have ever made.

Being thankful.

The weirdest thing I have ever done.

Sleep Screaming.

The most dumb thing I have done

Falling in love and then never understanding a thing!

I don’t think this is working neither, maybe a change of strategy will work.

Alright, where was I before I started showing you my photos?

Mmm...okay I remember.

As I was saying, oh by the way did I tell you I dream a lot. I dream about crazy stuff, I dream about good things and some days I dream about scary things. I dream...

e...e...e...h, I think this is getting too far.

What was you name again? Wait a minute; did you even introduce your self?

Oh no, there I go again. Talking and revealing too much information to someone that I hardly even know.

You know what!

It’s now your turn to introduce yourself.

Don’t just look at me!

At least say something!

Alright! I will help you get started

More about me here, to get you started

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