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A Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Dog for my Best Friend Birthday

by sasikrishna

If I am in a situation of presenting a valuable and useful and meaningful gift, my idea certainly would be presenting a beautiful pet dog, "a beautiful puppy dog" because a pet dog is lively just in the same way our friendship tends to be lively.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy dogI know that my friend’s family members also will surely accept that gift.

My selection of "puppy dog" for my friend would be either a "Akbash breed" or a "Yorkshire Terrier" because personally I love these two breeds for a puppy dog, as they are very good looking and are the soft type breeds - just like my friend’s physical and mental tendencies. Surely, I am going to present him this year on November 11 on his 33st birthday.

A dog is very loyal one to the owner and will become a member like in a family once it is grown. But nowadays, it is an electronic world of computers, so an e-book of that talks about my best friend’s interest would be of a great idea. For instance that digital book may even be about Yorkshire Terrier Puppy dog training e-book.

I am not talking here about what we all seems to get in our in-box for every birthday from unknown marketers targeting us for their business. There are really great e-books out there in places such as the Amazon and Clickbank or any other place. We may select a good e-book suitable for the best friend’s interest and may sent it to him or her online if it happens that your best friend stays away in foreign countries and any other state away from you.

Other Gift Alternative Won't Match Up Compared To a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Dog Gift

A drinks party in a hotel is also a good idea, because I know that my best friend together with his good friends can take part in that party and can make it a memorable one.

Another good idea idea is that if our best friend is in debt or in any economical sufferings that we know well, we may gift him some gift certificates to fulfill his needs of daily life for a particular period of time would be of an excellent idea. Such a gift at a perfect timing is not easily forgotten. I guarantee you that your best friend could not forget that gift ever in his life if he is a loyal one.

We may present any cooking utensils useful for our friend, or some kind of gift that can be used in the house. It is an informal idea that many people prefer to present clothes like valuable sarees, coats, shoes, bangles, rings, or for the more affluent - a lovely vehicles.

All in all my personal selection of gift to my best friend is really to present a beautiful puppy dog, as my best friend likes pets especially dogs. He already has one dog with him, but that is too old now. So I will present him a new pet to fill his memories of mine whenever he sees that beautiful Yorkshire Terrier Puppy dog running and playing around.

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