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A True Friend is Greater Than a Family Member

by praveen

My own point of view is that "a true friend is greater than a family member" because, in some cases even family members will disagree to help us. Given such a situation a person who makes us confident in solving our problems and are there helping us overcome such diffuculties.

One of the reasons why I say so is because we have seen all this horror and unbelievable stories in the news. For instance we have seen the news where children kill their parents so as to have family assets converted into their names so as to cash them in.

Through such stories we have seen that some family members are very selfish in such a way that they don’t even care about their own brothers and sisters when they are in a problem or at least they are unable to live their life.

In these days a person who is always ready to help irrespective of the time is a “TRUE FRIEND” A friend is even ready to sacrifice his life to his friend whereas family members are going at each other or killing each other for the silly and bloody issues.

It's because of all the bad news I get to watch or hear from media houses that makes me feel that a friend is greater than the family members.

Sometimes because of bad blood feelings some family members can’t be able to express all the types of problems to their parents. Compare that to a situation when you are free with a friend who then coolly responds “Don’t worry buddy! I will take care of you” This single line can make one to feel very happy and in such a way already feel that the problem is solved.

That is the power of the great friend.

So I wish all people to be good friend to one another and try to help one another as much as you can. And my request is "It doesn’t matter if you will not help anyone, but you don’t have to create problems to anyone else be it your friends or relative or even an unknown person."

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