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A True friend forgives and they stick with you forever

by Samantak Gangopadhyay

A true friend! It sounds so cliched, so very common, and seems like so easy to find it. With my experience a true friend is the most valuable relation one can find.

Having a best friend is like finding someone with whom you can be whatever you are alone, even better - Its someone who warns you that your being stupid, in a blunt way, and if you don't agree, which you will, human tendency, he/she does stupid things with you.

True friendship - you're never alone.

I have found that stupid-always-with-me friend. I cry and laugh and swear and almost every emotion I have, good and evil with my friend.

The story goes like this- my tf(true friend) had chicken pox. We were in different colleges, so our only way to be together was through cell phone conversations, but me - I was being selfish, was too busy into my dance, was too busy trusting the wrong people, ignoring my only true friend.

I kept on getting calls, kept on getting blunt advice like - I'm too self involved, too stupid, gullible, and don't understand when someone has the chicken pox. Boredom is a major issue and a real friend was needed. But I never listened.

Patiently, after a million fights, the alternate option could have been leaving me, finding someone better but thank God, we still had our million plus one fights, still we were together till the end, till I realized how much I lost and what I could have lost. My money, my college rep, the feeling of being ditched by all my casual friends who I trusted more!

I lost the dance competition, I got the lowest grade in that semester, almost flunked. Only then did I realize what I could have lost, it have shattered me and destroyed me. I was so weak, then I realized my true friend, still there, mad at me, hurt because of me, but with me, still(mocks at me though) but nevertheless always by my side and that friendship has made me stronger

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