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A Scene of the Crime Birthday Party Theme

Television series such as CSI, CSI New York, CSI Miami, Cold Case Files, and NCIS have turned crime scenes and murder investigations mystery into intriguing TV shows that viewers enjoy to watch around the world.

That is why some people like to organize their birthday party around the "Scene of the Crime Birthday Party Theme" which can be a lot of fun when they are planned correctly and executed, however, make sure to leave some room for failure if you do not have it planned well or it is an inflexible event.

If you like the idea of organizing for a scene of the crime birthday party which by the way is a great party for both adults and teens, make sure that you have a real mystery to solve as your party progresses. The truth is, there is no wrong or right way to throw a birthday party, but if you want to have one that everyone will be remembering for years to come, you need to create a crime for the very scene you are investigating and be sure to leave some clues around to help your audience kind of try to solve the mystery on their own.

When it comes to decorating your crime scene for your party, this can be a lot of fun, because you can place crime scene taping and chalk outlines on the floor or ground outdoors. You want to make these as realistic as possible, so have someone lay on the ground and make the chalk outline around them. You can also leave some fake footprints, clue cards, and fingerprints throughout the room, but make sure they are not too hidden because people will tend to snoop. In addition, you can get some help from others in leaving clues and decorating this unique party room. Moreover, you do not have to limit the celebrations to just one room, you can venture out to other rooms or have more than one case to be solved.

To make it realistic, set up a crime lab with a microscope and several tables where the evidence can be laid out and notes can be made before the shocking conclusion of the crime is revealed. In addition, make sure that the crimes are easy and entertaining to solve by leaving clues that children will have no difficulty finding, but not too easy if you are making the party for an older child or an adult. Think about your favorite crime story episode and use it as inspiration to keep thing fun and interesting. Both old and young will enjoy arguing and debating over clues and try to determine who committed the crime, and their assumptions as to why the crime occurred in the first place.

When it comes to food for the birthday party, you can have a CSI cake made or cookies that are shaped like footprints or even fingerprints for an excellent way to spruce up the events. However, if you are throwing the party for an older child, be sure you have other good foods like sloppy Joes, pizza, chips, dips, finger foods, cake, and cookies, which all make great additions to the party and fit in well with the theme. Don't forget to have bottled water and soda on hand because solving crimes works up quite a thirst.

Finally, in a real life crime, it is best to leave the solving of the crimes to the men and women that are trained to solve the crimes. But in the birthday world, crime-solving and setting up a crime scene is one of the most thrilling birthday parties you can throw.

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