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A Pure Bond Called Friendship

by kirti

A friend is someone who is trustworthy, faithful and on whom we have full confidence. He is the one who calls spade a spade and does not say sugarcoated things to please us but is always there to point and make us aware about our shortcomings and scold us for our wrongdoings.

Similarly our family members and kin are the ones who are always there for us no matter what we are and how we perform. Our family members and friends do not judge us on the basis of wealth we have and assets we own rather they love us for who we are. Friendship is an emotional bond which gets stronger by sharing same thinking and beliefs.

Though money is very important for life and it is truly essential for our survival and living but it is not the gist of life. We make business contacts on the basis of finances we own and work according to our needs and aspirations but relationship with loved ones cannot be measured through financial and social status.

There are some relations who are viewed out of the gamut of status and financial viability. Though there are times when in the race of time we tend to compare ourselves with others on the basis of social and financial status but a mentally strong person will never hover upon himself the feelings of jealousy and will always emerge as a winner.

Only true friendship can survive testing times when comparisons are being made and when others try to create differences. A true friend however wealthy he may be never shows off his belongings but tries to help and support his friends and family members in testing times is a genuine and true human being

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