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A New Friend Helped Me Refresh My Life (and My Apartment)

by Channing Thomson
(San Francisco, CA USA)

Several years ago I met Chris who would turn out to be a true (and very important) friend. We were both working out at a local gym and one night I needed a ride across town to meet some friends. I normally take the bus but he gave me a lift in his car as he was leaving at the same time.

After that generous offer we started hanging out occasionally and got to know each other better.
I'd been living in the same apartment for a long time and it was frankly looking a little tattered and in need of freshening up. I mentioned this to Chris a few months later and he offered to help give the place a fresh look and some interior design help.

Chris is "something of an expert in home improvement," from simple tasks like painting to more complicated matters like installing sheet rock and insulation to electrical work. He basically took a good look at my apartment and within a few weeks, I had a freshly-painted hallway and living room, new lighting fixtures and switches, plus some good suggestions for drapes and other cosmetic improvements.

Now, he didn't just go to the paint store and make some suggestions; we went together digging through a battery of colors that would set the two rooms off. He also helped me suggest the proper equipment (brushes, pans, drop clothes, etc.) and drove me home with them. We spent the next couple days painting together and giving the apartment a new lease on life and, I must say, a pretty stylish look a la HGTV!

Chris worked his butt off and proved himself a true friend. He was there to help me both as a style expert and with some good old fashioned elbow grease. You must remember, I haven't known this person for years and before I knew it, we would find ourselves traveling together, enjoy movies and dinner, and sharing some good friends. Chris's initial helpful acts were the bedrock from which a terrific relationship grew and I'll always appreciate him.

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