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A love letter to my love

by Rose

Dear, "the love of my life"

Greetings from the far land of love as you open this envelope be careful don't stand near a boiling pot or sharp object, the love in it is so heavy it is going to make you fall. I have missed you so much, I haven't been able to eat or even concentrate with my studies. I am sorry I couldn't write earlier I had been so busy but right now I took my time as I enjoy my barbecue ribs and just jotted these few words to tell you how my life has come to a stand still ever since I moved away from you.

I am so happy to tell you that am going to be graduating with distinctions in my class. I'll also be bringing our 6 months old son home, he has grown up so adorable since we last met three years ago. He looks just like you and he reminds me very much of you. He got beautiful blue eyes that look like Richards - this guy I attend a class with.

Am sorry about my phone and I have been trying to get ever since but they won't sell me a phone. It is very hard here I know I had promised to help you out financially but my car broke down and I saw this new car you probably don't know it Cadillac cts and I got it because it rarely breaks down and never get flat tires. You, not being here with me is not the best thing but you always supposed to make the best of every opportunity.

I have to go prepare for a date with my professor for personal tutoring. He has been helping me in all ways thanks to him am going to graduate this year because last semester I barely turned in any homework with all the late nights party Richard took me to remove my mind from thinking about you all the time. Don't worry though Richard is happily married. I got to go now cause my cellphone keeps distracting me every time I try to write. LOVE YOU.

Pssss. Always remember if i would rearrange the continents Africa and America would be one and I would drive every weekend to see you when I don't have a study date.

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