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A Good Listener

A Good Listener
(Reason Number 6.)

Part of having a long term friendship with someone is being able to “be a good listener”. While communication is a good idea, you can't be the only one talking. If you are always the one to start and finish a conversation, or talk over people, you won't have friends for very long, because they will not only get bored hearing you all the time, but they will think that you don't care about their opinions or feelings.

Being a good listener isn't just about saying “yes or no” at regular intervals while your friend is talking. It means really hearing what their saying, asking questions, getting more details, and making them feel that you are genuinely interested. Being a good listener is also not thinking that every conversation is a competition. If you are telling stories about things, don't always try to one up them, and make sure the win a conversation now and then. This way they know that you respect them and care about them.

If you are a good listener, you will learn all kinds of things about your friends. You can learn about their families, what they most care about, their hopes and dreams. If you are a good listener, your close friends will know they can come to you when they need to talk to someone if they have a problem, and know that you are going to give them solid advice.

In the same token, your friends have to be good listeners as well. Someone who is always trying to be the boss in a conversation, or control you in social situations, isn't someone who really cares about you. A person who is genuinely interested in listening is someone that can be confided in when you need some support in a stressful situation.

How to be a Good Listener

A Good Listener

What makes a good friend?

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