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A Good Friend is God’s Blessing

by meenakshi sharma

A good friend is God’s blessing, a gift like non other. Today in the modern times when everyone is going through fierce competition there are bleak chances of finding a friend who will stay true to you. But as I said "blessed are those who have one."

I am lucky enough to have a couple of them.
I can never forget one of the instances when I was appearing for my entrance examinations for entry to professional course. There was a huge pressure of peers and parents to perform well and get selected to a good college.

I appeared for almost 10 separate entrance exams. First among them was the "armed forces medical college." It is one of the prestigious institutions in our country. But when the result was out, I couldn’t make the cut in final list. When I received the news over phone, I was all alone at home. And I suddenly went into acute depression. I just encountered all those negative feelings of worthlessness and a complete failure.

The emotions reached the lowest level, when I started thinking about putting an end to my life. To my good luck, a friend of mine who was my batch mate, called me up. I started crying over the phone and was unable to speak properly. But before I could even tell her everything, she just understood everything and was there for me. She kept talking to me for half an hour. Although I was trying to cut the line but probably she just sensed my feelings and helped me to cool down.

She told me this was not the end of the world. I should wait for other results to be declared and keep all my options open. In nut shell, she was helping me out to get over with that pensive mood and moment. And when she was satisfied that I was fine now, she put the phone down. Within 20 minutes after that conversation, she was with me and she also called up my parents and told them to go easy with me.

In nut shell that was a moment when I could have taken a hasty step; but my friend, my angel was there for me. Today I have completed my college and am a practicing physician.

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