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A Good Friend Can Make Your Life More Meaningful

by Nawazish

It is said that you cannot chose who your parents will be, you cannot chose your siblings, but you can chose your friends.

Friends are an essential part of every individual’s life. Friends will cheer you up when you are feeling low. True friends will be there for you when you need them, to listen to your problems and show that they care.

One builds friendships over the years; some of your friendships are built at school, college, workplaces etc. Out of these, only some will last you a lifetime.

One must identify their true friends and treasure them, since true friends are difficult to find.

Good friends can add joy and meaning to your life. It is hard to define a good friend. Since everyone has different expectations from their friends. Long lasting and meaningful friendships will last for a long time when both sides are keen on being committed and responsible in their relationship.

Friends should be there to listen, lend a hand, appreciate and support you. Be respectful to each other and do not take your friendship for granted. If you can find true friends in your life, consider yourself truly blessed. People that have one or more good friends will know how fortunate they are.

If you can find meaningful friendships, you will gain a higher sense of worth, self-belief and inspiration. Your true friends will always be there to give confidence, motivate, and support you. You and your friend must be truthful, dedicated, and trustworthy towards each other. One golden rule is never give away secrets of your friend to others without their consent. Do not break their trust.

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