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A friend is someone who helps you up when you're down, and if they can't, they lay down beside you and listen

by Rafal
(European Union)

What is friendship? Many probably answer that it is a bond linking the two, or several people. In total this is the end of the definition, but it's not that simple... Some probably add that it is non-confrontational relationship, a system in which we all understand and get along with each other.

The reality, however, is not that pink...
I learned about this recently, when I recently nearly lost my friend.

If anyone believes that you can live without the other person is in a huge mistake and that means that he never met on his way a true friend. I feel sorry for these people... Once I also thought so.

I am an outsider, I approach people from a distance, don't refer contacts in easy way, but after what happened I know that if my friend has gone I would not be able to live normally, because emptiness after the loss of someone close nothing and nobody is able to fill... Even if I would find someone else, someone who would become a friend, it will never be the same!

Friendship does not mean that it is talking to whom to go, colloquially speaking, a beer that is true of whom gossip, joke, yes, but it's something much deeper, because the friend is someone who will never leave, who will never say that there is time.

A friend is someone who can hear the cry of the silence of our loneliness, someone who can speak, when we want to listen and someone who is silent when we say, especially when we are silent, is someone who can make that even behind the darkest clouds the sun will shine. Because A friend is like a torch which dispels the darkness of suffering and sorrow, pointing the way to happiness...

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