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A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same

by manoj kumar nayak

Friendhip Taking Place

Friendhip Taking Place

"Friendship is a gods gift which cannot be bought through money."

Best friends are more closer compared to other types of friendship because in making best friend the mentality of both friends must be same under the same conditions. Friends are helpful but as having best friend we expect everything form him/her. In a worst case condition best friend helps the most because in most cases there exists a heart relation with a best friend. Its a love for a person from deep once heart that is blind to most things.

Every relation has has some limit but true friendship tends to have no limit. Loving a girlfriend or a boyfriend can never take the place of genuine friendship. Friendship is really the most precious thing in the world which in a way can be looked up to as a true god blessing.

I too have a best friend and we have been friends from childhood. Both our house is so close and most of the time I spend time on his house. At first he was not at all my best friend or friend for that matter. We both were opponents but an incident changed our life and from that point on, for the last 14 years we have remained best friends.

You see, 14 years ago on that day, I was going to my school when I got involved in a very serious accident. I was hit by a run away truck gone wild and was not able to walk because my left leg was broken. That was when the guy who later turned to be my best friend was just passing by and saw what had happened. He came to my aid and thereafter took care of me until I recovered.

After that we became friends and later on in some of my worst conditions he helped me and became one of my closest friend. Now he we are best friends.

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