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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

by Kala

"A friend in need is a friend indeed"

There are many friends in each one’s life. But a person cannot believe every friend. Belief in friendship is the most important thing which helps to sustain friendship. I have experienced this is my life.

I have had so many friends and many of them were close friends. But in times of problem or when I desperately needed a help many speak their own ideas and slowly move away.

Once I had fallen and broken my ankle joint. I was in my final year of graduation and this happened during my final exams. All my friends never bothered to help me, they all were busy with there studies. No one ever cared even to come and see me. At that time one of my classmates took care of me n the college hostel.

As I had to take the exams she read the lessons aloud so that I could learn. I got through the examinations with flying colors.

Many were expecting that I would not get through the exams, but God gave me a friend at that moment to help. She is my true friend because she helped me at the time of my need.

A friend should be there at all times. A friend should be there to laugh with you and to cry with you. When you laugh the whole world laughs with you. But when you cry the whole world laughs at you. Only a real friend can cry with you. To be a good friend one needs a lot of commitment. Money or any other wealth cannot earn real friendship.

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