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A Big Question, Are Men Faithful

by tasneem

Whether Men are Faithful or no, that is a very big question indeed. Though practically speaking it differs from person to person. However if we have to consider on an average, I don't think men are faithful and truthful on their online dating.

If a man is married and is planning to date a female online it is obvious he will not reveal a lot of real information about himself that he is married or has kids because he knows if the opposite lady is single she would definitely prefer a person who is single to date in most cases.

There is also a possibility that men would not disclose his true identification cause he is still not sure about the lady whom he is dating and may disclose his real identity at a later stage , maybe after once he is sure to continue relationship with her.

In some cases however there are some men who are very truthful and also disclose complete details in the real sense. This I am saying with my own personal experience which I would like to share with you.

Once I came across a man online who was in his mid 40's and after his introduction he immediately disclosed to me that he was married and had a very beautiful wife with two lovely kids. I was amazed to hear all this from a man in his first chat itself and later after talking to him for sometime we both found out that we actually know each other through a common friend and you wont believe that whatever information he gave me in his complete chat was very true and genuine including his place of work and nature of job as I got the same verified with that common friend.

Overall either we talk about men or women no one is 100% faithful online because of several reasons. Either they want to just keep their identification secured cause they are scared that it may be used in the wrong way by the opposite person or just they want to just flirt and keep their real details hidden.

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