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 Why Can Not We Be Friends
This Friendship day?

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why can not we be friends

Why can not we be friends this Friendship day, a day and time to celebrate your friendships, new and old. It is also a good time to make up for old arguments that drove friends away.

Every year, on August 7th, Friendship Day is celebrated.

It's a time to call old friends and wish them well or to meet for a day of lunch and fun. While Friendship Day is enjoyable, it can also serve another purpose, and that is to bury enmity.

  • Why can not we be friends, it’s been so long...

Think back to your grade school days and of all the friends you have had since then until now. A few people will come to mind that were once good friends but because of some misunderstanding or harsh words, the friendship dissolved and was replaced with enmity.

You lost that person as a friend forever after. How does that make you feel? If you still harbor ill feelings you may not have any desire to resume the friendship. You may never want to see the person again, you may even hate him. How does holding onto those bad feelings help you all this time later?

Our wounds have the power to hurt us and stop our growth by throwing negative emotions and thoughts into our path. What if you could become friends with that person again? Wouldn't that make you feel good inside?

Think about a time when you donated something to charity. Remember how that made you feel? It felt good didn't it? How about offering your friendship in the same spirit to someone who is now your enemy?

Life is short. During that short time we collect a lot of impressions and we change and we grow. Often, we look back wistfully and regret things we have done. You can't go back in time and undo them, but you can make things right. Become friends again, at least make the attempt.

  • Why can not we be it because you can’t forgive and forget?

How about forgiving the old friend and be willing to move forward. Wouldn't that feel great? To release those pent up feelings of hurt and hostility? You will feel cleansed, refreshed, and inspired.

You may not know how to go about extending the hand of friendship after so much time. Why not start by sending a card on Friendship Day? You could send a card to express your well wishes, or a Thank You ecard to thank them for their once valued friendship.

You could even send an ecard that says you are sorry and wish to bury the enmity between you once and for all. An ecard is easy to send and may even save you the embarrassment of rejection that might happen if you met face to face.

You can't control how your-ex friend will react. You can only control how you will act. So why not rekindle that old friendship on Friendship, or is there a genuine reason - "why can not we be friends" that I know not of?

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