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 What Makes a Good Friend To be an Indispensable Treasure

What makes a good friend to be someone special, a friend that you'll want to cherish, respect and value for the long-term? Well, to answer that about you read the following profound story! Find out for yourself what makes a good friend to be such a prized treasure that you'll always be better off keeping close to youself.

What would I have done without my friend, Zachariah?

What Makes a Good Friend

By Sujith Kumar

What would I have done without my friend, Zach?

You see mine was a difficult childhood. I had a severe stutter. I used to hate every situation where I would be required to speak. And school was a place I hated most. I used to hate meeting new people or going to new places.

I was average in most aspects as a student. I had average looks, average height, average academics but way below average in speaking. I would go all sweating and my heart would pound so hard whenever there was a need for me to speak in class.

  • I had lost all hopes of striking a conversation with girls

Those days I would do anything to avoid the embarrassment. I would deliberately feign ignorance to questions that I had the correct answer. I would not register for any programs or competition just because I couldn?t just raise my hands and call out my name.

What Makes a Good Friend?
Top 10 Relationship Qualities:

The humiliation was unbearable,

But even more hurting was the sympathetic looks that people usually give when they see someone helpless.

I was always looking for ways to skip school.

My parents were worried about me all the time.

They did spend a lot of time and money on giving me professional speech therapy and whatever little treatment was available for stuttering.

  • Then, one fine day, came Zachariah into the vacant seat next to mine and into my life, forever

His father had got transferred to my city and he had just joined my class. And for me, life just took a turn for the better instantly. He was godsend. Once he got over the shock of finding that his immediate neighbor had a stutter, he just took over the control of the situation whenever there was a crisis.

Zach started helping me with the attendance roll call, when all students are required to call out their roll numbers. So, whenever I struggled with it, he called out my number.

He enrolled my name for the story writing competition in which I got the first prize. He would always be on my side looking after me. I never needed to ask him for help. He had a knack of understanding my crises and helped me on how to go about solving such problems, like learning how to make friends without any fear of rejection or shyness because of my disabilities .

He was perhaps the only person with whom I could speak without stutter. Or at least, it didn?t matter. Later in life, when I started my own business, Zach once lost his job and then God gave me the rare opportunity to help my true friend right back.

Now, when Zach and I meet once in a while and get nostalgic and I end up saying "what would I have done without you", he just repeats the same words back to me. And that according to me is what makes a good friend to be such an indispensable treasure.

10 Tips - "What Makes a Good Friend" »     1.) Good Communication Skills »

What Makes a Good Friend? 10 Things to Look For

We all have friends.

Some of us have lots of them.

However, the one thing we all want is a true friend.

  1. But what makes a good friend to be such a true friend?
  2. How can we tell when we are being a true friend for someone else?

Next to a romantic relationship, a good friendship is one of the most important relationships we will have in our lives. Sure, we have family. But it is usually a friend we go to when we need comfort and advice.

When you have a good friend you can pretty much speak your mind to him or her. You don't have to worry about putting on that artificial smile and being extra polite. You can just be yourself.

You can reveal your inner secrets without worrying what your friend will think of you. You can be unguarded and open and feel confident that your friend will not judge or condemn you.

You can also call your friend any time of the day or night in an emergency and know that your friend will understand. Your friend knows you will treat him the same way.

  • What makes a good friend to be such an indispensable treasure in your life or that of others?

As you ponder about the question above, here is a story submitted by Sujith Kumar. Sujith Kumar is from India and his story in one amongst many, that have been submitted on this site by other unique visitors like you. Oh by the way, why not tell us in your own words or story "what makes a good friend," as far as you are concerned.

What Makes a Good Friend - Real Life Story

Story submitted by B.Shawnell Pittsburgh, PA

When I think of good friends, and in particular what makes a good friend then I think of my friend who I have known since the age of 17. I am now 37. I first met this friend when I held a good position at a company, and he needed employment. Twenty years later, I will say, he is still a good friend. During this time, he has always been somewhat of a big brother to me.

I am the oldest of my family. He has always been independent, and motivating. He has always wanted to have his business. We have always had the same ideas and motivation in our personality. Anytime that I have a problem, or I am contemplating making a move, this friend is there to give me the ups and the downs.

The one time this friend was there for me was about thirteen years after I met him, and I needed a job. He was there for me and hired me to do some contracting work in his place of business. He was a very fair employer as well.

His motivation has always given me strength to continue doing what I want to do in life. He takes me for what I am, and always keeps it real. When my mother passed away, he stuck by me for months because he knew that it was really hard on me. He was always there telling me to keep on pushing and do what I have to do. When his mother passed away, I did the same for him.

We always try and look out for each other any way that we can. There have been times when he needed me also, and I was quick to help. That is what an indispensable friend is; you can?t change that at all. He has been there for me when I was up, and he has been there for me when I was down.

It?s now twenty years later, and if I need solid advice, I know exactly who to call. It was just a few months ago when I called him and asked him for advice and he provided it to me, and he solidified my decision. Warren the Barber will always be a friend till the end. He look?s like Chucky too...Lol.

What Makes a Good Friend To be such an Indispensable trophy?

A great example of a true friend is that of a mother and child. The mother always wants what is best for the child and does everything she can to help her child even if she has to make sacrifices. In the same way, just like mothers have unique relationships to their child, below are some of the unique characteristics of a good friend:

  • A true friend will help even if you don't yet realize you need help
  • A true friend will support you even if it hurts his or her own interests
  • A true friend will come to your aid when you need help even if you do not ask for it
  • A true friend expects nothing in return for helping you out and for being your friend
  • A true friend really does understand you and your motives and does not criticize or analyze your actions

A true friend will not make excuses for not being able to help you when you need it as he will always be there to support you. In your darkest hour, a true friend will be at your side even though the rest of the world has deserted you. He is not an opportunist. Read more about 10 qualities that make a good friend here

A true friend is one of life's greatest treasures and is worth more than a hundred casual friends. If you have a true friend then you are truly blessed. If you are a true friend to someone else then you will surely be blessed for putting the welfare of someone else ahead of your own interests.

10 qualities of a good friend and interesting stories
revealing "what makes a good friend" to be indispensable

If you don't have a true friend but want one, be a true friend to yourself first and the rest will fall into place. Share you tips on what makes a good friend to be such a true asset below:

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What Makes a Good Friend To be an Indispensable Treasure

"What makes a good friend to be an indispensable treasure?" Please share with us your story of a memorable occasion when your friend did something special or was there for you to help you in your hour of need

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