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Do you still remember when you were a little kid and...

How much you wished that your birthday would hurry and come by! All year round, you kept waiting and hoping that your mom and dad would throw you a great party and present you with the kind of presents you had been wishing for all year long? Talk of sweet old days...

Don’t you think it was so cool to invite all of your friends and other children from school to the party. Is not still amazing how much exciting you thought, that all your friends could come to your party? Of course you must have liked the fact that you were going to be a full one big whole year older. It's the only time in life you cherish now that you were turning into a big girl or boy. Remember how sweet that was, back then?

Looking back, perhaps that was the only time in our life that we all wished to add up an extra year to our age! How proud it was to shout "I just turned 16 years old" or "I'm 18" or how about "I'm now 21 years old!"

The most cherished memories that adults have of their childhood is about their birthdays and all the unique birthday gifts they received, in fact some people still keep those birthday gifts up to now!

Unique 21st Birthday Gifts

I was working in a Japanese restaurant as a chef, and was about to celebrate my 21st birthday the next day. The manager, a nice Japanese lady, motioned for me to come to the front desk.

This wasn’t unusual, as it pretty common to interact with the management on a consistent basis. She didn’t say anything, and simply handed me a small silver box. The box was pretty heavy, and tied with a neat bow. I proceeded to untie the bow, and opened the box.

Inside the box was a strangely shaped rock. I asked her, “What is this?” She told me that it was a fossilized whale ear bone! Under the rock was a small certificate of authenticity, describing that it was an actual fossilized whale ear bone! It was the most suprising unique birthday gifts ever received.

I was just shocked. It obviously served no actual purpose, other than as a paperweight on my desk – but it was still awesome! I thanked her profusely, and asked her where she had gotten it, and why she thought I might like it. She told me that she was an amateur fossil collector, and had gotten it recently at a sort of rock exposition that was held in the convention center last year.

Being such an unusual hobby, I asked her how she had developed this sort of interest.

She responded that she had spent her undergraduate studies in geology in Japan, and that this had given her the love of rocks and fossils that she had. I felt that this was very interesting, as I never would have expected for her to have this interest, and felt that it was simply a great and interesting gift. I still think that it was the best and most interesting gift that I have received, and I think it was even more exciting because I was able to learn something completely unexpected and surprising about someone.

By: Kaylee, Fresno, CA

 Unique Birthday Gifts Tends to Leave Lifetime Memories

After we grow up and reach adulthood though, we usually quit looking forward to our birthdays not wanting to celebrate them, and begin to see them as a thing that must be tolerated. Similar to Christmas, a lot of people go from being happy to being terribly depressed each year as their birthdays get close and closer.

I don't know about you, but really, frankly speaking, it doesn’t feel good anymore as it used to be each time "a one, is added to my age or yours for that matter" does it? I know for some people, age is one thing that they don't want to talk about!

As we get older, each day is just like the others. The only difference between days is the weather, and the time the sun rises and sets. Otherwise you just have the days go on the same. The sun comes up in the eastern sky and sets down in the western sky. Sounds familiar? Then read on...this might help!

So you tell yourself, for billions of years the same old world order has been happening and will keep on happening until the world comes to an end. What is it about one day in particular that we should value it more than another day anyway? All days are the same right, so you try to convince yourself. Eventual you conclude, it is a good day if we enjoy the activities on that day. If we don't we consider it a useless or boring day.

My friend, you might be wrong!

It is not the day that is different, but our wishes, moods, problems, outlook, failures, meetings and other activities on the day. In fact, it is quite easy to put some sparkle and magic back in your birthday.

To begin with, you need to decide to have a birthday party and most probably "buy yourself some unique birthday gifts" to spice it up instead of refusing to have one and trying to ignore your birthday. Or you can have a friend do it for you if you can't manage it yourself, he or she will probably be happy to host a good birthday party for you.

 Unique birthday gifts for friends

Unique Birthday Gifts

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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas That are Personalized, Last a Lifefime!

Many things can be done to make the party fun and not so serious and formal such as playing funny games, having a huge birthday cake big enough for all the candles needed (even 40, 50 or 60 and beyond!), having all the guests sing the Happy Birthday song to you and other unique birthday gifts and ideas.

If you still think that planning your own party seems a bit childish to you, why not throw it at a restaurant? What is so cool about that is that they will bring you a cake and the staff there will sing to you.

By celebrating a birthday in a fun way each year, it will keep you from dreading the day coming. Just make sure you control the celebration and make the event a positive one. Do not go about celebrating your birthday as just a day for you to mark one more extra year of getting older, rather use it to recapture some of your childhood feelings like the moments you opened those cool and unique birthday gifts presented to you and how that experience made your life happier.

Use such a day to reflect on issues like:

  1. Why do we cherish the day we were born?
  2. What is the cause for celebration on that day?
  3. For what reason should be happy about out birthday?

As you ponder on that, for instance let's concentrate on those who like to have a celebration on their birthday. They mainly do it because it is the day of their birth and also it’s a day to receive all kinds of unique birthday gifts.

I am right - is that not right?

However, now ask yourself, is the day of their birth really a reason to celebrate? Have they achieved anything to merit the celebration? Do they deceive all those unique birthday gifts they received? With so many people living in the world today what is that special about one individual? Such a philosophical questions will allow us to understand ourselves and how we relate to the rest of the world better.

Gifting Flowers is a beautiful way to say "happy birthday"

Birthday is a special occasion in everyone life. Though it comes every year but the joy one gets every year on his/ her birthday does not fade away even a little bit.

Flowers are a perfect way to express your joy, love and affection on someones birthday.

The freshness of flowers always bring a big smile on the face. By giving flowers as a birthday gift we spread sweet fragrance of beautiful flowers and help to create a lively aura on this special occasion. The birthday girl/boy feels full of life and his face keeps glowing like a fresh flower looking towards the bright sun.

Many other gifts are given wrapped inside a box but "flowers" are never closed in any box since everyone gets excited and blissful just by looking at the flowers even from a distance. Flowers fill the surroundings with colors of joy.

Different colors have their own importance.

White flowers bring out the peaceful, friendly and pure environment where as red roses fill the environment with the Love and affection.

By giving romantic flowers on the birthday, we can make the special occasion even more memorable because even if flowers are not able to last for ever, their fragrance remains alive in the heart of the person forever. That is why flowers are such a unique birthday gifts idea!

The tenderness of the flowers express the soft corner you have for someone in a perfect way that no other gift can express easily.

For girls, flowers act as a best thing to touch their heart ans soul. It may be said that along with diamonds, flowers are the girl's best friend. May be that is why the diamonds are also designed in the shape of a flower.

Unlike diamonds, flowers don't cost much but the feeling of love, affection and care they deliver to the person is priceless. Flowers can be give to anyone without bothering about his likes or dislikes since no one hate flowers and no one hesitate to receive flowers.

Most people I know feel refreshed and elated to receive flowers on any occasion and at a special occasion like Birthday, gifting flowers can be the best thing anyone can do to make the day even more romantic, joyous and full of life.

  • Read more about why flowers are a truly unique romantic birthday gift idea by clicking here

In my opinion, you are a good person if you are one that cares. It does not matter if you are famous or rich. When you make someone's day a much better and brighter day, that makes you a good person. Few people do that!

You care, you are good. As far as I am concerned, if you help just one person endure his pain for a little, then that qualifies you as a good person. You can also be thought of as a good individual if you would give money or some sort of help to a cause you believe in without hesitating.

If you are able to help this planet to be a better place than you found it even in a small degree, this also makes you a good person, and this makes it worth to celebrate your birthday, the day you were born and that qualifies you to be spoiled a little by receiving some unique birthday gift

Each year our birthdays roll around they need to make us to be more thoughtful about whom we are as far as our values, actions, integrity, compassion, gentleness, desires, goals, willingness to help others or any other thought or act which allows us to become a better person.

We can always make it a point to celebrate out birthday but it would also be nice to add some positive purpose or change to our friends too.

That will of course make us more joyful than any kind of party, accepting unique birthday gifts or celebration will. The only way a person feels good and worthy is when he really is.

We have to feel good about ourselves to have true happiness in our inner beings. So on our birthday let's add a new good characteristic to our personality each birthday and celebrate this. More than that let's perform an act of kindness daily. We can trick others into thinking we are great people, but we can't trick ourselves. Nothing is more worth in this world better than that kind of happiness; this kind of joy can't be borrowed or bought, even some of the best and ever thoughtful unique birthday gifts can’t provide this kind of happiness.

The only way we feel good and happy with ourselves, is if we have enough self-esteem for ourselves which happens through performing acts of kindness to our neighbor and the world we live in.

Everyone has a birthday to celebrate - but you know that. In fact each and every year they do some kind of celebrations. The difference though, you can make it different. Like none other! Below you will find some cool unique birthday gifts and ideas to blow your mind away! Much better why not share your coolest and weird unique birthday gifts, tips and ideas using the form below?

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