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 Specialty Social Networking Websites
Benefits, Pro and Cons

Are you or have you ever considered joining a social networking website? Many people consider the idea but never follow through and join.

You may be like so many others of the internet community and find these networks to be a bit overwhelming.

MySpace, Facebook and other similar sites have seen explosive growth and popularity. In fact, many people would say the jump in members has been too much!

Social sites are definitely on the rise and one of the reasons is that sites like MySpace, Facebook and Yahoo!360 cover such a broad variety of interests, issues and topics. None of these focuses only on one particular topic or hobby, instead they open their registration to people from all over the internet and the world really.

There are pros and cons to this type of open registration on the one hand you will have plenty of people to choose from, however that can also be the downside. Too many of these sites spark individuals to compete for a number; whoever gets the most “friends” wins! All of which means you are not really garnering friendships as much as collecting a list of names.

Why Join “Specialty Social Networking Websites”?

If you are not interested in gathering an immense list of “friends” but would rather create focused friendships or partnerships based on shared interests and beliefs, you will want to look into social networking websites that have a specific focus. Generally, these sites are referred to as specialty social networking websites. A quick search of the internet will give you several options on these types of sites. Common focuses include hobbies, pet ownership, travel, religion and more.

You may be wondering, as many people do, when it comes to specialty social networking sites what makes them different? The major difference is the community itself. You are entering a community, which is populated with like-minded people who all enjoy the same beliefs, faith or interests. Therefore, let's say you are a devoted Christian; you will want to look for Christian networking sites and so forth. This is vastly different from standard social networking websites in that you are immediately put into contact with hundreds and thousands of other members who share your beliefs and interests.

Are Specialty Social Networking Websites more safe?

Another reason to join a specialty social networking website over more general sites is safety. Many times, you are safer than members of other social networks are. Specialty sites often require activation before allowing individuals free access to other members. This activation can include short specific questionnaires aimed at assessing the internet user's true level of interest in the site. Not all specialty sites require this, but many will and it is a good way to weed out those who are just trolling.

Like stated above specialty social networking websites give you instant connections with individuals who share common interests with you. This is very helpful as you can spend hours talking to and getting to know someone only to find out you have little if anything in common with one another. Specialty sites allow you to jump right in and begin making new friends with the same beliefs and interests.

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