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 3 Qualities of a Good Friend
That Make A friend Attractive

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Qualities of a good friend

You probably have lots of friends and acquaintances. Some of these people are close friends and others are work associates.

You meet and interact with people all throughout your life.

Do you posses the qualities that attract or repel others? Have you ever noticed: How you are drawn to some people and love to talk to them and you avoid others?

  1. What is it that draws you to some and repels you from others?
  2. What qualities of a good friend make someone appealing?
  3. Have you wondered about the qualities that you have yourself?

We enjoy the company of people with the following qualities of a good friend:

  • Good listeners

Good communicators are very good listeners. We all want someone to listen to what we say and to do it without interruption. If you develop the skill of really listening to people, you'll soon discover you gain popularity and everyone enjoys talking to you. Listen carefully when your friends speak and ask them questions occasionally to show you are interested and want to know more.

  • Genuine Smiles

No one likes a dour frowner. If you keep a smile on your face and always appear happy, others will be naturally drawn to you. This isn't the time to fake it as no one appreciates insincerity. Your smile and your happiness has to be real and genuine to attract others to you.

  • Understanding

If you tried to talk to one of your friends and she simply did not understand your point of view and did not care to learn it, wouldn't that make you want to avoid her in the future? You don't have to always agree with your friends because that is obviously phony. However, you should strive to understand where they are coming from whether you agree or not.

  • No criticism

A good friend will listen and maybe even offer advice, but she will stop short of criticizing you. You can be a good friend and mentor without resorting to criticism. You should always honor your friends even when they do things you don't approve of.

Do you have any of the above three qualities of a good friend? If so, your friends probably love you and you naturally draw people to you. If not, you can learn by putting these concepts into practice.

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