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It's true, that for most people, way back when we were still little kids, we started lasting friendships with our fellow kids that quite often continued well into our adult life. Most likely, you too have some of those friends!

Friends that go way know what I mean, don't you?

The truth also is that, in most case those kinds of relationships tend to be very fulfilling as they always present the opportunity for us to talk about old times, way back when we were little and as they say the good old days.

Out of the Rolling Ocean the Crowd - Poems for Friends

Public Domain Poem for Best Friends by Walt Whitman

Out of the rolling ocean, the crowd, came a drop gently to me,

Whispering, I love you, before long I die,

I have travel'd a long way, merely to look on you, to touch you,

For I could not die till I once look'd on you,

For I fear'd I might afterward lose you.

Now we have met, we have look'd, we are safe,

Return in peace to the ocean, my love,

I too am part of that ocean, my love,-we are not so much separated,

Behold the great rondure--the cohesion of all, how perfect!

But as for me, for you, the irresistible sea is to separate us,

As for an hour carrying us diverse-yet cannot carry us diverse forever;

Be not impatient--a little space--know you I salute the air, the ocean and the land,

Every day at sundown for your dear sake my love.

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When friendships bonds are formed between friends the barriers which would otherwise remain in place restraining people from socializing, come tumbling down therefore allowing us to enjoy good times and of course there will always be that occasional bad moments.

During our infant years, of course, we are closest to our parents, but as we grow we soon learn how significant friends are. Although spending time with our parents is great fun, even as small kids we need friends of the same age, as these are the people we relate to best of all.

Poems for friends and friendship are usually built on the way we share our common daily tasks, interests and thoughts we have with our best friends and people we live or work with.

It's for that reason that as social animals, we can't even begin to imagine what effect a life behind bars not having the freedom to move around amongst others would have on us.

Throughout our lifetime, things happen and emotions and thoughts that we could only share with our closest best friends become the topic of our conversations and way of expression and poems for friends have been used to address such thoughts and emotions.

A good friend will comfort us and try their best to make us feel better, without judging us or scolding us about the mistakes we have made. A friend will be there for us whenever we need them and be prepared to drop whatever they are doing at the time to be by our side in our hour of need. They don't always have to be there in person. Sometimes just knowing they are on the other end of a phone is all we need. This is true friendship.

I Entreat You, Alfred Tennyson - Short Poems for Friends

  Poems for Friends by Walter Savage Landor

I entreat you, Alfred Tennyson,

Come and share my haunch of venison.

I have too a bin of claret,

Good, but better when you share it.

Tho’ ’tis only a small bin,

There's a stock of it within.

And as sure as I'm a rhymer,

Half a butt of Rudeheimer.

Come; among the sons of men is one

Welcomer than Alfred Tennyson!

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Friendship Poems for Friends and Family Say it All

Everyone knows that love relationships need to be well nourished with attributes of love and deep emotion if they are to last a lifetime, but what about friendships? Most friendships last far longer than marriages these days, yet most people never tell their friends exactly how much they mean to them. It's unfortunate, since friendship poems make it so easy to tell a friend exactly what is on your mind.

Most people just like you prefer to give poems, cards and other tokens of appreciation to your lover, spouse, and even your siblings on their birthdays and special occasions. It should be no different with your friends.

If it has been awhile since you have told a friend just how special they really are to you, it's time to find the perfect friendship poem and use it to show your appreciation and love. Here are some ways that you can use friendship poems to show your friends just how special they really are:

  • Copy the friendship poem along with a personal message and send it through email or Facebook.

  • Write a friendship poem inside a card, sign it and send it through the mail or hand deliver to their mailbox.

  • Have a plague engraved and personalized with just the right friendship poem.

  • Make a scrapbook page with a friendship "poems for friends" and frame it.

  • Recite your friendship poem to your friend if you want to cheer them up during a rough patch of life.

  • If you are giving your friend a gift for some other occasion, then throw in the right friendship poem to make the gift extra special. You can even make the poem the gift if you are strapped for cash.

You may use friendship poems for friends that someone else wrote to speak your heart, but they will be just as special to your friend as a poem from your own mind. Just make sure to add your name and personalize it somewhat so they know it was intended just for them.

No Second Troy - Love Poems for Friends and Friendship

Poems for Friends by W B Yeats

Why should I blame her that she filled my days

With misery, or that she would of late

Have taught to ignorant men most violent ways,

Or hurled the little streets upon the great,

Had they but courage equal to desire?

What could have made her peaceful with a mind

That nobleness made simple as a fire,

With beauty like a tightened bow, a kind

That is not natural in an age like this,

Being high and solitary and most stern?

Why, what could she have done, being what she is?

Was there another Troy for her to burn?

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Why are Thank You Poems for Friends Such a Blessing?

Poem for Friends

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From time to time the information we want to talk about is quite intimate in nature, yet we know we can trust our real friends and that, what we tell them in confidence will go no further.

Being able to discuss these private issues with friends is extremely important and it makes us feel so much better and that is one of the reasons why special poems for friends can be such a blessing.

In the company of good friends we go through all the emotions. We laugh, we cry, we are happy and we are sad and all of these aspects of friendship make the relationship grow stronger each day. When you lose a friend it makes a big hole in your life so why not show your friends just how much you care and value their friendship by sending them an email or giving them a call out of the blue every now and again.

As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. Each week we publish unique poems for friends that you are free to share with your best friends, leave a comment or submit your own poem using the form below:

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