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 Can Poems about Best Friends
Help You to be Happy?

Do you think that sharing and reading about poems about best friends can help you and your friend’s day to be a little bit happier? As you very well know happiness is not something that we are all born with genetically.

Our parents, friends and other loved ones ingrain the notion of happiness in us. More important though is that happiness is one's choice. It is your choice to make yourself happy, share that happiness with someone and continually build your future life by embracing happiness and saying no to not being happy.

In other words you have to think happy to truly be happy. It is truly under your control to think and also reinforce positive thoughts. Thinking positive thoughts will allow you to succeed at anything you try. Below is a great poem which explains completely the fact that not being happy can keep you from you getting what you truly want.

Happy friends

    If you believe you are defeated you are,
    If you believe you should not, you won't,
    If you desire to win but believe you can't,
    It's almost for sure you won't.
    When you believe you'll lose then you're lost,
    For in the world we discover
    Success starts with one fellow's might.
    It's totally in the state of your mind,
    Life's struggles don't always get won,
    Just by being the faster and stronger person.

  • The question for you then is simply, can you believe yourself into being happy?

The actual answer to that question can be a yes or no depending on what you choose to believe. For instance poems about best friends can help you to be happy if you truly think and believe that that such poems about best friends will help to make you happy and vice versa.

Here is a list of 12 ways that you can use to reinforce thinking positive thought that can easily assist you in succeeding in many areas of your life. 12 ways to help you reinforce positive thoughts;

  1. Hang out with other people that think positive.
  2. Let yourself be exposed to enjoyable music, movies and books.
  3. Discover what the most important thing you want of life is and go after it.
  4. Treat other people with respect and kindness.
  5. Live life like each day might be your last.
  6. Positively reinforce whenever and wherever you are able.
  7. Use the visualizations techniques to look at the positive part of life.
  8. Talk in a manner that is positive.
  9. Use exercise and yoga to eradicate negative thinking from your mind.
  10. Allow your expectations to be positive in nature.
  11. Allow your mind be peaceful.
  12. Be a best friend to yourself
  • Can Poems about Best Friends Help You to be Happy?

With positive thoughts come positive rewards. You have the choice of complaining about your situation or changing it. You also can choose to feel negative over a given situation or react enthusiastically.

President Lincoln said once, "most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be" If you truly desire to think of yourself as happy, simply decide to get there. It's true that, it might be hard to think yourself happy in this world of violence and hatred. The truth thought is that this is not an impossible task.

  • How do you make yourself and people around you to be happy?

It depends but one thing for sure is that one idea, one good thought, one person can bring change to a culture. Through you making other people understand the good in this world is how you can make yourself happy and luckily, poems about best friends are good - at achieving exactly that. Try it! Check it out, you will be amazed at how much, powerful poems can shape your life!

More about poems about best friends here or much better, submit your own unique poem here

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