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Here at Nikenya we have committed ourselves to a cause.

  • To help create jobs and more jobs in Kenya
  • To empower other likeminded Kenyan entrepreneurs
  • Discover. Communicate. Socialize. Friends. Reconnect.


By tapping into, the new opportunities in the global village and harnessing the power of internet, we are going to be able to create both part time and full time employment and also business opportunities.

ok jobs kenyaCreate more and more jobs in Kenya

We are happy to announce that soon we will be enlisting job opportunities for fellow Kenyans on this site, for members only. Watch this space, more details coming soon, starting March next year.

ok kenyanEmpower likeminded Kenyan entrepreneurs

We are currently piercing the system together; this though, is going to take time. When done, the system will enable other Kenyan entrepreneurs to set up, manage and compete favorably in the global market.

ok friendsDiscover. Communicate. Socialize. Friends. Reconnect.

While there you can upload your own pictures or browse through profiles of other Kenyan men and Kenyan women. Watch Kenyan video, share Kenyan music or make new friends.

Attention Kenyan Singles.

To all the Kenyan singles out there, here is your chance to discover other beautiful single Kenyan girls and Kenyan men. Trust me, there are still good singles out there searching for you. If only you don’t give up.

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