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 Do You Want to Make Friends Online?
Three Obstacles to Avoid

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If you want to make friends online, one thing you are going to quickly realize is that not all good things will last forever and that not all sites are safe and secure.

We all want to think that all people we interact with online are good and that good friendship will continue with such individuals forever, but we may be proven wrong.

The fact though is that every friendship is likely to end because very few survive over several years. The ones that last should be considered as “lucky friendships” If you want yours to be considered lucky then there are three things you need to avoid when you want to make friends online and turn them to long lasting relationships

As you very well know, most of us have had friends when we were young with other neighborhood children. Unfortunately as time went by-and-by the time we were in high school most of us went in different ways. At that point, most of that “young friendships” came to an end new friendship was formed. The same process repeated itself when we went to college. And at work and now, on the net and on and on it goes…

Looking back, we see that most people tend to lead different paths in order to reach different careers. Because by nature we all tend to have different goals, “that contact between friends” decreases and pretty soon, that friendships comes to an end.

Friendships can be seen as a river. Just in the same way a river gentle flows through different counters, making turns and twists along the way, friendship flows along and when we make friends online it enables us to meet several people along the way that we could otherwise never had encountered.

  • Embrace change, don't fight it

Relationships among friends will change, especially if one of them gets married. The very nature of introducing a new person to the situation may make definite changes in the friendship.

  • Disagreements are another factor that can bring friendships to a close

A friendship is created when people share common goals and interests. Once these items begin to differ, there may be come arguments than agreements during discussions. This will harm the relationship.

  • Friends that tend to set expectations for their friends

When you make friends online, we all ought to understand that the new relationship should not always be a selfless one. When a friend does not try to meet the needs of others when it is necessary, it can damage a friendship greatly.

Consider two individuals who meet online and become friends. Let’s assume that they both discover that they have the same career that offers the same income. After two to three years of friendship, one of the friends suddenly becomes much wealthier than the other. Now the question is, do you think that will put a strain on the friendship? It is difficult to say, don’t you think so!

In conclusion, when we make friends online, the relationship we develop will have its pros and cons. It is up to us to think optimistic or pessimistic about the situations that do come up. My challenge for you is “Why should you bother, wonder or worry about how the relationship you start online will go when you could just sit, relax and enjoy the relationships and not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself”

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