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Do you see that!


Would someone please check the definition of beauty!

Though they say "Beauty is in the beholders eye", but then:

Oh please...

Let’s give credit where it deserves.

Simply said, the picture you are looking at is the visual defination of beauty, right there!

Now, Kenya girls and Kenyan men are not only the most intelligent and beautiful women and men, but also they are amongst the most sophisticated and charming people to meet, make friends and deal with.

Aha! You ask me how comes I know that? It’s very simple! By social networking:

Of course common sense dictates that if you want to social network with Kenyan girls and kenyan mes, then all you need to do is to go where they meet and have fun. Most Kenyan babe and guys still strikes me by their level of confidence, charm and their willingness to try new things!

But some of the things we do, I'm amazed...

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Oh, and before I forget:

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