Time For Kenyan Entrepreneurs

Before I tell you what the Kenyan Entrepreneurs team behind Nikenya is up to, first the story.

Once upon a time, long - long time ago, it’s written that there was hurting and gathering and then came along the agrarian revolution.

No sooner, there was the rumbling, grinding, rustling and the billowing smoke, what our learned friends the historians refer to as the age of industrial revolution.

According to the (hi)STORY

It’s written that in those days whereas other parts of the now developed worlds were busy building, innovating and competing for the best of the best.

Another chapter in the hiSTORY was also unraveling.

It’s written that in the Dark Continent there was and still is; the killings, the hunger and survival of the most corrupt and evil with little regard to the welfare of the general population.


  • Something much bigger is at play.

My fellow Kenyans, that is not the end of the story. The story lives on. Today, the story is unfolding right in front of our own eyes. The (hi)STORY ticks along....

Boundaries are now being shattered. The world is vastly becoming a global village. The internet is here and is going nowhere. Who knows what next? Historians are watching and they are busy writing.

  • Now for a moment, just think.

Please allow me to ask you, How many of our leaders do you think have adapted to the unfolding changes? (Do you think your M.P knows how to surf the internet, or perhaps send or read a text message?)

ok kenyanKenya needs people like you, the young, ambitious and entrepreneurial Kenyan.

We cannot afford to sit and let, the ongoing revolution pass us by, again.

  • A hundred years from now it will be written in the hiSTORY.

Now is the time to take control. To determine and dictate how the story will unfold. To influence how history will be written. Yes you can help shape the hi(STORY). There something you can do. Be part of the team.

Nikenya is here to harness the power of the internet and globalization. Nikenya is here to create jobs and to rally other likeminded entrepreneurs about the new global opportunities that the internet is bringing along.

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