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 5 Myths About Kenyan Women Debunked

1.) Kenyan Women don't like sex as much as Kenyan men do

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No one should believe this at all. If you read some of the magazines selling out there on the streets or get to watch some of those TV. Series like Sex and the City; it makes you wonder who like sex more. Of course I believe you know the truth.

As you head out, remember that in general, women are into sex as much as you are. The difference is that a morally bound woman would wants to relax and lose her inhibitions because society will peg her with a derogatory term. All that a gentleman needs to do is just give her the setting she needs to feel comfortable. Add some seduction juice and tenderizers and you will soon discover the truth.

2.) Kenyan Women are visually triggered and aren't into porn

Generally speaking, Women have an Urban Legend attached to them that they don't like porn. It is about time that you learn the truth. Kenyan Women do like porn, and the difference is they just won't admit to it. On top of that, a woman will take a sneak peak at a man's butt several times if she likes the way he looks; this includes people you wouldn't imagine being attracted to you.

What is true is that women are more in tune to their senses both sound and smell more than men are. Visual triggers will be just as important to them, and you will find your girlfriend will watch a porno when she is in the mood, although she won't spend the day looking for sex on Google as most Kenyan men do! Instead she’ll look for seduction from a man that she is attracted to or at least seems to have deep pockets (money).

3.) Kenyan Women like men with no emotions and are macho

Most Kenyan Men make the mistake that they should be Chuck Norris bad and tough and that they should never show an ounce of emotion. If you think this is a key dating tip, then you are about to be floored, being a badass doesn't make you a man.

A true man is confident and knows how to give a woman the chance to make a decision. He should be passionate and caring while showing true emotion to his woman. Think about it this way, do you want a girlfriend or someone to snuggle with. When she kisses you and touches your face, she has feeling for you and is expressing love for you and wants the same from you.

4.) Beautiful Kenyan Women hate being controlled, and must have lots of freedom

Beautiful Kenyan WomenYou shouldn't be afraid to show some emotion and love when you have a beautiful Kenyan girl around, but don't let yourself to become a wimp mode and lose control.

Kenyan Women like the control of a strong Kenyan man. In a nutshell in order to keep your beautiful Kenyan Queen, you need to give her your own brand of tough love.

Women need a man who can protect them, and she should feel she can trust you by letting you be in control. While she might feel like she can like control at first, she will quickly become bored with it. Women don't need freedom, but she must be taken care of.

That is why a man must learn to give her the space she needs, while making the important decisions for her. Don’t ask me, but I tell you – THAT is a tough one!

5.)You Must Be a Player in order to be noticed by beautiful Kenyan Women

There is no skill or technique needed to lure a beautiful Kenyan woman. What you need to do is take care of yourself and dress nicely while you develop social skills that will enable you to live your life with passion.

You also need to take the time to loosen up with the women who matters most in your life. If you are at the starting point, you will need to go through the learning curve, and most importantly you will need to approach and talk with many women so you can break free from your shell and be who you truly are.

Interacting with women is an important part of becoming a man. You will be pressured to hide from the world. But you should break out. Your success will depend on:

  • a. Taking care of yourself.
  • b. Going out and socializing.
  • c. Being passionate about your life, and feeling good in your skin.
  • d. Letting go of societal pressure to have a girlfriend.

Well enough of that for now. Want to know more? Join the network of kenyan men and women by signing up for a free account and get instant access to profiles of kenyan men and women

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