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 How a Real Kenyan Man Handles Rejection
From a Kenyan Woman

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This one is specifically going out to each and every Kenyan man out there that is still not man enough to proudly call it quits and stop pestering someone when all the writing have been clearly posted on the wall that it’s a over.

One of the most important things to do if you're continually experiencing rejection from all the Kenyan women you come across or date is to learn from it. Today we want to give you a better angle to take when things start of fall apart next time round so that it won't damage your psyche any longer.

  • Rejections do happen during various stages in what I may call "the dating cycle."

Some men get rejected from the word go. Others are able to start a conversation before the rejection card is drawn. On the other hand some fellows manage a date or two before the woman decided, this one is not going anywhere. For the extremely unlucky ones, rejection may come in after two, three or twenty years down the line when all things fall apart.

Well, regardless of where, how or when - let's get rid of this issue once and for all and allow you to start approaching other women once more and start the dating game again.

As a Kenyan man, it's very important to understand how Kenyan women think and behave as best you can in order to differentiate and most likely predict her response. Taking this route will allow you to keep from being hurt, but instead help you learn from the experience. This will help you figure out what works and what needs to be excluded.

You will notice that the first time you are introduced to a woman or approach her; she is basically looking over you with a fine tooth comb. The only reason for this is because she wants to figure out whether or not you're a fit for her. Think of it as a defense mechanism that Kenyan women employ to help protect her from getting hurt.

The funny thing is that the judgments women make from that encounter are usually pretty accurate. Fellow Kenyan man, start doing the same!

Single Kenyan ManNow, we can't assume that everyone has the best looks, money, age, etc. However, we can tell you that there will come a time when you need to communicate to her why you're the perfect Kenyan man she has always been trying to find.

While seduction comes to play later on and maybe very helpful, it's not something you need to worry about right now. For now Looks, intelligence, confidence level, communication style and the way you carry yourself plays a big role when it comes to outright rejection.

Whatever picture you portray of yourself at the present time is either going to work for you or against you. So should you take something like this personally?

Well, it's a little more difficult than that, so let me expand on the meaning behind it. Trust me, it will all be worth it by the time we're finished.

  • Do you think a woman really knows you after one glimpse?

Possessing in your hands the answer to the above question ahead of time should help you realize that accepting any sort of rejection is out of the question. A little bit tactical follow-up must be unleashed if you are genuinely interested. Now I’m assuming that you do not have some sort of low self esteem, characteristics, or look undesirable. Well, do you?

Now remember, it is possible that women’s judgments are right the first time around. Sometimes women just feel as though they don't need or want to find out additional information, because it will be wasting their time because they have other pressing issues going on in their life.

Now a real Kenyan man will…Continue reading how a real Kenyan man handles rejection from a Kenyan woman (Part Two)

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