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 Beautiful Kenyan Girls
3 SureFire Ways to Win Them Over

Are you single and lonely? Meet beautiful kenyan girls

There are a number of books on the market that can show you how to approach beautiful Kenyan girls and women.

In fact you won’t even need to go to a bookstore.

If you frequently browse the internet, you must have come across numerous articles such as “ 5 signs that she wants to talk to you, 33 ways you can have her agree to go out on a date with you and over a billion ways to seduce a woman.” Just to mention a few.

While you might be different when compared to most men, research shows that most men find that some of the methods advocated forth - of how to approach women, leave most men feeling intimidated instead of being fired up! Ready to approach the first beautiful Kenyan girl that come across.

Beautiful Kenyan GirlsIf you are still interested in discovering the secret of approaching a beautiful Kenyan woman, then here is bombshell you are about to discover. The problem has never been how; it is about getting the courage to do it - "approaching beautiful Kenyan girls" and getting past the fear.

Oh by the way that brings up a story about when I was only 16 and was at the bar with some of my friends back in the hood. Did I say 16, what I meant was 18.

Anyway, here is the story.

There was heavy thumping on the stereo, the kind of thumping and drumming that makes it impossible for one to even think about talking to someone standing next to them. Now, a number of my friends were out on the dance floor, and I just sulked in the corner. You see, the bar and club scene weren't my thing, and it only happened that on that particular night, I only went out because I wanted to try and snag a girlfriend.

As I mentioned, I was just on the sides of the dance floor, trying to be a cool and calculated individual trying to drink my drink (which by the way was happening too often). That was when something caught my eye.

There was this remarkably beautiful Kenyan girl whom I suddenly noticed! She was standing on the balcony above us looking back at me. You understand how this goes, they look back at you and your eyes lock. You live happily ever after right? Anyway, in life though, that type of fairytale doesn't happen so often. Instead, our eyes met and I looked the other way. My cheeks grew red, the drink fell off my hands (I actually never took note of that until later on) and I was overly excited.

She was hot and looking at "me" of all people!

To cut down this story,

My beautiful queen spent a total of about five minutes looking at me, as I kept gazing back and forth. When I finally mastered enough courage and looked back, for some reason my eyes just couldn't connect and I kept looking away. She finally got annoyed and moved on. There isn't a reason to blame her.

For the rest of the night I tried to find her. When I finally saw her again, I started walking towards her, then trembled and took off like a missile towards the opposite direction. Of course I kicked myself for being so stupid.

It would be understandable if such an occurance was just a one time occasion. Unfortunately this was one old procedure that happened all the time I happened to come across extremely beautiful Kenyan girls. This would occur whenever I went out, and might happen two times or more in a single night.

What a loser!

I finally got to the point that I said to myself that I had heard enough of it, and I hated who I was, and I wanted to change that. I was never going to get a beautiful Kenyan girlfriend or partner if I couldn't introduce myself to those “beautiful Kenyan girls” that caught my eye.

But what did I do about it?

I began to read every book I could find about dating and talking to women.

Nothing happened from the information I thought I acquired. The problem remained just the same old problem, I just didn't know how to talk to women. There was a lack of guts and I was afraid they would reject me. I had this thought in my mind that they would end up becoming bored in five minutes, and I couldn't ever maintain the interest of any beautiful woman who noticed me.

Finally when I started working on my fears, I quickly discovered that I didn't need those “101 ways to seduce every woman” books. I just needed to get past my fear of approaching a woman and stop making a big deal about approaching them.

That my friend was the single-most-thing I couldn't figure out all along.

It did end well thought. As a result of my fear, I have become an expert on dating and relationships. What I did learn helped me to break past my problems, and gave me the chance to walk up to a woman and get engaged in a lively and enjoyable conversation.

What is this amazing revelation on how to approach any beautiful Kenyan girl or women?

Well, to begin with I had three basics that can give you that answer.

The first is to answer a basic question.

1.) What would happen if a Kenyan girl or Kenyan woman rejected you and what would that mean to you? Perhaps you would take it as meaning you aren't fun or that you are such a boring dude.

Now listen, what it really means when a woman rejects you is that she isn't your type. In other words you should quickly learn that all of that means nothing. It isn't about your personality; it is based on her attraction initially. If she is initially attracted, she will love to see your personality.

2.) Fear on your part is just a clear signal that you aren't ready yet. If you aren't able to open a conversation, you need to work on this to help build your skills of meeting someone and that entails having to go through countless rejections.

For one, try not to think about topics before you go out that can ignite a spark of interest in someone. Instead start to pay more attention to the sorrounding and your listening skills.

3.) Understand the basics of flirting, and avoid going through the 100 best flirting signals. There are nine you need to know, and they are likely the most important. If you pick up on these, you will have a 90% success rate, and in no time you believe in yourself as others begin to notice you. This will take some practice, but you will use them for your own advantage. Want to read more? Sign up for a free account here

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