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 How Not to Date a Kenyan Girl

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They say dating is a game, I say if you plan to date a Kenyan girl then you will need to master the art of dating.

Kenyan women are complex like no other, to win them over; you must master the dating game unless of course you are a loser.

Now having said that, remember sometimes simplicity is better. The reasons I say that is because the only problem with some guys out there who want to date single Kenyan ladies, is that - most Kenyan men go overboard and take things so seriously so soon or try to add some form of modernized trend to the dating game. Such miscalculated moves backfire and kill the relationship even before it gets started.

I know and I have heard about some individuals who start, maintain and end the dating game as if it’s some sort of commitment to property. Such individuals think about the concept of dating as a form of ownership. According to them once you agree to go out with them, then you are no longer available to go out on additional dates with others. Such individuals think that once you agree to date, then you have also agreed to get married somewhere down the road. That of course leads to the problems.

Date a Kenyan GirlIt’s for that reason that we should all be alert while participating in casual dating and hold our selves to a higher level of responsibility that doesn't limit people to be exclusive with each other. The reason we all engage in casual dating is because it's one of the avenues available to us for building relationship that will eventual helps us weigh the options available to us when it comes to choosing the right partner.

For instance, in the US, there are reports that 44% of all adults classify themselves as singles. In some cases, the reports further assert that, about 44 - 60% of these people have dated or are dating another person. The only reason that they identify themselves as being single is because there isn't a commitment.

On a casual date, you may take a "beautiful Kenyan girl" out and while there, will most likely grab some burgers, take pictures or watch as movie as often as you want to. But remember the big difference is that there isn't any commitment involved, period. The only thing you do is just enjoy the companionship the other person is giving you.

Two main reasons we engage in casual dating are:

  1. It enables us to meet new different people and at the same time increase our social life with those people.
  2. It helps one to learn and understand things about themselves that they might not know yet.

How not to date a Kenyan girl

One of the biggest problems people face with their dating life is that they expect a date would lead towards something serious, so when something different happens they allow themselves to go through frustration and depression.

What a casual date will do is give both people a chance to enjoy the other's company. This helps you to just have fun and enjoy time spent together without ever having to be formal. This is why people want to go on a casual date, but many don't know how to make a date stand out from others that they have had in the past.

  • Below are three dating ideas that can help you to successful date a Kenyan girl.

1.) Typical Casual Dates

A typical time tested, simple casual date idea is to hit out and go out for a movie and then stop for a drink after it ends (If both parties drink). Of course it would be wise for the couple to go out on a date and watch a movie they might both like, and afterwards during the drink, they can discuss the film they saw and then decide how it worked for them.

While it might sound like the classical boring and standard casual date, chances are that if both couples like the company of the other, a movie will put them into a situation they both can enjoy each other’s company. And that matters.

2. Timeless Dates are Perfect

For many people, traditional dates like taking a walk in the park, window shopping, playing sports or even just eating out are great ideas for a casual date. The good thing about such timeless dates is that they work well in helping couples to relax, create joy and let couples spend time with each other without a lot of strings being attached.

3. Special events are Ideal

Sometimes the best idea when you want to win over a Kenyan girl and make her fall for you is to do something special, instead of romantic. For instance going to a concert or working on a project for school together works wonders. When you enjoy such events, you have the chance to enjoy it without the strain of having to deal with the complexity of arranging for the perfect date.

Now in conclusion, if you are looking to date Kenyans girls, starting out with a casual date is the key to help reduce the initial tensions that may exist. Going out for a casual date will help both parties involved to focus their attention in having fun and enjoying the company of each other.

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