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 Jokes for Friends
The Power of Humor

Do you ever get to listen to Humor or share Jokes for friends?

This article will tell you why jokes about friends and humor is a science to making a woman laugh and fall in love.

What can you do with humor?

For starters, you can have fun with it. This would be one reason people pay to go to a comedy show and watch the comedy channels on television. Humor also helps to decrease tension, find a bargain, keep your kids in their seats... you name it. There are thousands of uses of humor, all of which lead to one goal - laughter.

  • Laughter is a very powerful tool, more powerful then the majority of people think.

  • You can use humor to make a woman fall in love with you.

Sounds like an incredibly bold claim right?

Let me explain.

There is an obsessive desire in humans in remain consistent. It is physically impossible to not like a person that has made you laugh and genuine laugh; you can't resolve the conflicts or incongruity between laughing (liking a person) and disliking someone.

In plain terms, this means a woman tends to get closer to the guy that has made her laugh on a consistent basis. This happens on the logical level ("being around him gives me so much joy I want more") and the subconscious level (consistency).

Once someone has made you laugh, it would be very inconsistent to keep an antagonistic attitude towards that person. And that my friend is one more reason why humor and jokes for friends can be so handy when trying to get the attention of someone you like be it a woman (for men) or a man (for women).

  • That is why I use laughter to make women fall in love with me.

The more I can make a woman laugh, the better it gets. You see, love is derived from feelings of joy and happiness, and happiness is directly associated with laughter.

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I am willing to bet that in your life you have made many women laugh, and sometimes you are pretty good at it. Sometimes with a certain female or under certain circumstances.

Naturally all of us are capable of cracking a joke or two. Occasionally we are even highly entertaining the entire night...

But can we do it all the time, night after night?

Do we know the secrets that make humor a natural part of who we are so that being funny and charming becomes part of us, a natural thing to do each time we want to, effortless without even thinking about it? Probably not.

  • Some guys talk about the "art" of making a woman laugh.

Sure, they call it an art so that they can call themselves artists, but the problem is that once something becomes an art there aren't rules to rely on and there isn't anything you can use to measure results with. Then making women laugh becomes uncertain.

But the truth of the matter is...there is a science to making women laugh. The fact is that "human's reactions to different humor and jokes for friends stimuli is predictable." There are also tested and proven methods to match a humorous line and a person's education, personality and culture to create a laugh.

Any man, regardless of education, looks, personality, and intelligence can learn the mechanism of humor and laughter so that he can develop his own humor style.

Alright now, enough of the writing! Don't you think so? Humor to make you laugh here

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