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 How to Make Friends Like a Pro On Social Networking WebSites

If you are looking to discover some amazing techniques and ideas that will teach you "how to make friends" on social networking sites, then look no more! On this page you are about to discover all the tricks on how to make lots of friends on Facebook, Twitters, LinkedIn, Nikenya, Hi5 or any of your favorite social networking site.

  • Is it true that learning how to make friends requires effort and commitment on your part?

To answer the above question, below is a wonderful story submitted by Channing from San Francisco, CA USA.

How to make friends on Facebook and enrich your life

I started on Facebook about a year ago. I had resisted the idea because I thought it would be time consuming and silly. I also thought that it was becoming very popular and something everyone was doing. I'm one of those people that likes to march to my own drummer and I usually resist jumping on the latest bandwagon. In any case, I decided to go ahead and take the plunge and I've enjoyed swimming in the pool ever since!

The first thing I noticed was that I started with a good profile. I posted lots of photos of myself, many from my past with pictures of old friends and family members I hadn't seen for a while. I also wrote a lot about my interests from movies to religion and gave a little history of my work and social life.

I began by "befriending" a few current friends who were also on Facebook. We quickly developed a small network of people here in the same city. Before I knew it, we were planning small get-together and movie outings. We've had a number of brunches including a couple of lovely ones on Christmas Day. We also keep up to date on each other via our frequent status updates.

I also began contacting some old friends from high school (and even grade school). This has been fun seeing what they are up to. Some of these people I hadn't been in touch with for many years. What a treat!

I started a small "Fan Page" on Facebook that involved artwork that I collect and sell on line. This generated some new friends and introduced me to many online collectors that were interested in these items. As these were movie-related, there was a quick jump to other Fan Pages of movies, actors and actress, biographies and other books.

Soon, I was meeting new friends that shared similar interests. I had the my current friends, my old school friends from way back, and now new friends, many of whom have turned out to be humorous and interesting. Now you must remember, you don't personally know some of these people, but you'll get a small insight into the way they think, their lifestyles, and their interests. This is what friendship is all about. And, if you're ever to meet, something even more meaningful may come about.

Submitted by Channing Thomson (San Francisco, CA USA)

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It is very easy in today's word to get so wrapped up in the process of daily life that we often forget to take time out to enjoy renewal with our family and friends, significant other or our best friends. Because of our busy lifestyles, most people prefer to postpone spending time with friends. It's no wonder most friendships are drifting apart.

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One way to get your social life on track in a hurry is to make an effort to call your friends more often and put forth an effort to accept the social invitations that come your way.

You probably know several people you could call on the phone right now and they would be delighted to hear from you.

Think of someone you are close with. Someone that you know and will most likely depend upon them in times of crises, or someone that is fun to be with and makes you laugh. Someone that makes you feel truly blessed and happy to be around them.

Come on now, I know there must be someone, at least! Ok, now please allow me to ask; when is the last time you really took your time to show them that you care for them? If you haven't seen your best friends much lately, is it because you have let life get in the way or have you grown apart because of an argument or disagreement?

If the reason you don't have enough time with your friends is because you are too busy then it is time to reassess your priorities and goals so as to try to allocate more time and resources towards forming meaningful relationships. Making good friends requires that you set time to nurture that friendship, something that we most of us fail to do.

Here is how to make friends and good friendship

How to Make Friends

Want to learn the tricks on how to make friends online, then you will need to take a look at how you spend your time. Get in touch with your values and ask yourself if your busy lifestyle brings you the same joy that you would get from being closer to your friends. Why have you become so busy?

Is it because you spend so much time trying to earn enough money or accumulate material items and toys at the expense of developing nurturing relationships with other people around you?

You may need to reorganize your life if you have difficulty saying no to all of the people demanding so much of your time. The first step you will want to make when it come to learning how to make friends on the internet is for you to learn to delegate tasks without feeling like you have to be responsible for everything. Start by reflecting on your life and examine whether it is currently in line with your priorities and values. Begin to schedule in those things you have determined to be most important to you.

Once you have your values and priorities in place, a good place to easily start making new friends is by making us of the internet. Many people have no doubt heard of social networking, and maybe you might have participated in it. But despite that, many people are fuzzy about what exactly social networking is.

  • Could you say that you know with certainty that you know what social networking really is?

Social networking is a group of people coming together in communities. There are ways for people to come together in neighborhoods, but it's more popular online. This is because the internet tears down the walls that are created by distance, and is very inclusive.

There are millions of people worldwide who belong to online social networks. They meet many like-minded people, and they quickly learn how to make friends in this way. When social networking happens online, these are known as online social network communities. People who join these social outlets are looking for people to connect to.

On social networking sites, people form connections based upon religion, hobbies, sports, or other things that they have in common. In short, people socialize on social networks. This happens by reading the profiles of others, and then connecting with them if you want to.

Social networking sites tend to be diverse.

Some of the benefits of joining an online social networking site are that you can make friends with people from all over the world, because the barriers of geography are torn down. In fact social networking sites are a great tool in promoting culture and goodwill.

There are many different types of social networking sites out there. There are some that create an emphasis on common interest, and some of just pure social sites. Most of these sites have open membership, and cost no money. The great thing is that you can join these different sites, and then pick and choose from the profiles who you like to meet up with.

If you think that you'd like to get into this more, by all means, learn more about it and more so how to make friends and friendship that last over the internet. But along with the fun, you need to learn about the dangers and how to protect yourself from online predators. But don't be alarmed! The same dangers that happen online are the same old dangers that we are all familiar with in the offline world.

It's just a matter of using common sense.

If you come across someone on a social networking site that wants too much information from you, or wants to meet you in private, or makes you feel weird, RUN...don't have anything to do with them. When you are ready to jump into the social networking universe, you may want to start looking for online networks to joins. Before you do that, make sure you learn all the tips on this page on how to make friends on social networking sites.

How to make friends online on social networking sites - Safely

How to Make Friends Online

A lot of focus has been placed on teenagers and their use of social networking sites when it comes to internet safety. It is important that teens take caution when using these popular websites to, but kids and teenagers are not the only ones who need to consider playing it safe. Any adult who enjoys being a part of social networking sites online should also be careful when it comes to befriending and communicating with other internet users.

"How to Make Friends online - Safely"

The best way to protect yourself when using online social networking sites is:

To think about what you are posting on your social network profile. Period!

Though social networking sites make great places to meet new people, especially those that share similar interests to you, they can also be full of danger.

In the past few years, there have been numerous reports of people getting harmed when going to meet an online friend that they had first contact on online. Some even end up being killed.

If you do not exercise caution on how to make friends there, you could be another incident. I’m sure you don’t want to be the next victim, right? Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to make you to be afraid. All I'm trying to say is that, is that it's a big whole world out there - on the internet. Just make sure that you are careful when you are on the internet especially if you are new and still learning all the tricks on how to make friends there.

Most of the sites, including myspace, FriendFinder MySpace, Nikenya and Yahoo! 360, make your profile available for all other members to view. In some cases, people who are not members can also see your information, as your page can be public to the entire internet. This means that even though the website itself may not be a threat, there could be others seeing your information that may not be so innocent.

Along with the information that you make available to online users in your profile pages, you are also warned to be careful when contacting an individual on the internet, or when they contact you.

With the open membership’s available at most social networking sites, anyone can become a member. Just because they may tell you things about them don’t mean they are speaking the truth.

If you begin to feel uncomfortable while talking to someone online at any point, you should quickly end the conversation, hopefully without letting them know your reasons for doing so.

Some people only want to make contact with others online to chat, but for others there is not enough. If you are asked to meet someone offline or you initiate a meeting yourself, you should always be careful. You do not want to schedule a meeting too soon. Most people recommend that you talk to someone regularly for at least one month before trying to meet them in real life. When you do decide to meet with them, make sure it is done in a public place. This lessens the chances of something bad happened, since there will be others around.

The safety measures mentioned above are just a few of the things you should do. Though you may feel you will hurt someone's feelings or lose a new friend, you should not feel this way. Your safety should be far more important then what others may be feeling or thinking in regards to an online friendship.

If you want to fill your life with friends then schedule a place for them in your time and open a place for them in your heart. Share you tips on how to make friends in social networking sites below:

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How to Make Friends in Social Network Sites

Best friends are Indispensable, why? Because in most part - good friends are a source of happiness. Please share with us your unique tips and ideas on how in to go about making lots of friends in social networking sites

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