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 How to Seduce Hot Kenyan Girls

As far as seducing hot Kenyan girls is concerned,

There are two important school of thought you need to master when it comes down to the basics of seducing hot girls.

The first school of though has to do with thinking with your conscious mind using your sense and logic. On the other hand the second school of thought deals more with your subconscious level by letting your emotions take the lead.

You must be aware, so I guess that when it comes to thinking, most women tend to be ruled by emotions and feelings. It seems to be the way of all women. That may explain why, when it comes to matters of love and romance, women so often seem to be attracted to the so called bad boys.

Logic tells them that they will be in for a rough ride and that they will probably end up being cheated on. Nevertheless, instead of going for the nice guys who will treat them right, most women appear to hell bent on choosing to go out with the bad boys. The reason why women behave in such ways is because it’s the emotional element of their mind taking over as they pursue what they believe will be an exciting challenge.

Now, my friend here is the bombshell, that doesn't necessarily mean that you should change yourself and become one of the bad boys if you are not, in order to seduce hot Kenyan girls.

But if you find that your love life isn't as successful as you would like, and the road to romance appears to be leading the wrong way as far as you are concerned, then you may need to change your Mr. Nice Guy image. You can still be Mr. Nice, but score like the most successful bad boy.

I have read books, articles and magazines that promise a unique system that will definitely change your when it comes down to dating hot Kenyan girls. I’m here to tell you that there is none, but there are a few things we all should know.

  • It's a well known fact that women are from Venus and men are from Mars.

We are very different creatures in the way that we react to life and certain stimuli. When it comes to dating most women will give little room for logic and purposely elect to follow the emotional decision path, especially in matters of love and romance. It's in their genetic make-up.

But the male on the other hand...It’s all in the looks. Any many anywhere in the planet earth is almost always attracted to a beautiful sexy female. Don’t forget “beauty is on the beholders eyes”

Back to seducing hot Kenyan girls

As far as the feminine personals are concerned, if you are somewhat chubby and are losing your hair, it is of no relevance. Understand this, as long as you have not been declared the ugliest man living and walking on planet earth, you've already leapt the first hurdle because looks account for less than 20% of what hot Kenyan girls first looks for in a man.

What turns beautiful Kenyan women romantic radar on; is who you are, and how you behave.

Put more simply...

Your looks or the size of your wallet are of little importance. You can appeal to a woman's romantic nature, and seduce women more easily than you could possibly dream merely by pushing the right emotional buttons, and overriding the logical thought process.

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