Home made videos
Your Safety!

Home made videos can be created with ease for virtually any occasion.

And really it don’t have to cost you a thing. Unless of course you want to make money out of it.

People all over the world are making use of the power of the internet to share their videos with their friends, family members or the community in general.

As a matter of fact it’s now quite easy and more of a norm to see people with their camcorders or digital cameras shooting and recording footage of occasions like this one.

As you can see from the video,

Anybody can shoot their own video and it can be for any occasion that they so choose to,

Home made video: Your safety.

Before you upload your video to any video sharing channel:

Care must be taken to rethink the content therein in that video clip that you are about to upload. Simply because you never know who gets to pick it and where it might end up.

The general guiding law is never to upload something that you won’t be comfortable about.

Most video sharing channels will give you the option to either mark your video public or private.

  • A public video can be accessed by virtually anybody and if it’s a popular video then millions of people throughout the world can get to watch it.

  • On the other if you mark your video private, then your video only gets watched by those that you actually get to invite to see it.

    You might also consider either turning the commenting feature on or off but that all depends on the content of your video and what you really want to achieve with your video.

    For now...go out, shoot your video and have fun but before you upload it!

    Think again for your safety and privacy comes first and so are those that are dear to you.

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    Home Made Videos

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